The New Year has come and gone and we here at Chi-Native Entertainment are committed to busting more doors open and getting those unfamiliar with us, Familiar! We continue to strive to bring you all relevant content as well as new music that myself aka I.Deal (@idealraps) and Mic Logik (@MicLogik) are working on. My new record #GAINZ should be completed by end of February or early March those who follow us should know by now we have just released my first official single from my upcoming album, the song is titled "I'm All In" and we have just wrapped shooting the music video for the first single and it should be out and available by or before March 1st, so stay tuned for that! You may find my current album "Bcuz I Can" available on all streaming sites: Google Play, Tidal, Soundcloud, I Tunes just search Idealraps. In addition, have you heard Mic Logik's album "Overdue" which is currently available on all streaming sites as well - If you haven't heard it, take a second, guaranteed a good listen! We dropped our clothing line in September and we are currently working on a finalizing our winter hoodie and that will only be available for pre-order once we finalize the new design. We continue to push forward with bookings and acquiring available music festivals in the upcoming 2019, so we are definitely working. Exciting developments all around and we will continue to keep pushing ourselves, to continue to steam roll through projects and new ventures not just personally but also with the brand. Chi-Native has upgraded their work spot with a media room and we are currently finalizing the upgrades to the studio as I begin my album recording. We have a lot of exciting things coming, we are always working and will continue to reach for the stars! Stay tuned ya'll!!

I.Deal would like to thank all his fans for their love & continued support. This music journey has never been easy, but he has put everything he has into it, music has always been his love, his passion and that won't ever stop. Stay connected to my team and I, make sure to follow us on social media; I.Deal (IG/Twitter @Idealraps) Mic Logik (IG\Twitter @MicLogik) as well as the lady behind it all ThrowEmC (IG\Twitter @ThrowEmC). Don't let this new year pass you by, get up everyday and just do the damn thing! Stay connected, stay informed for all the latest on us. Much Love!