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In such a huge market with so many options and people you could choose to keep an eye on besides just us, we thank you for choosing to come back and see what we are up to! Chi-Native is committed to continually bringing you all relevant content both from I.Deal (@Idealraps) Mic Logik (@MicLogik) and the homie WRDS (@WRDS1) we are looking forward to continuing to expand our portfolio and our horizons. We are all super pumped for all the positives that WRDS brings to our little family here and grateful that he wants to work with us and continuing to grow the brand and each other up! 

Chi-Native and AO Promo have just wrapped our 1st  "Music In The Woods" Music Festival which took place August 17, 2019. We could not have asked for a better turn out or better overall experience considering this was our first undertaking of such monumental feat. Chi-Native has always prided itself on letting other's talk their nonsense while we always focus on whats ahead and this festival was all about proving to ourselves that yes we could manifest this idea of a music festival once we started the process - when others doubt what you can do, you simply gotta show up and show out and that is exactly what we did! Chi-Native is proud to say we organized and successfully had the 1st ever hip hop music festival in Des Plaines, IL and everyone that came out had such an amazing time.  I.Deal performed a few new songs from his record #GAINZ which dropped May 3rd and is out and available on all streaming sites.  I.Deal and Mic Logik killed their performance but truth be told all the artist on the line up did their thing and really showcased their talents to those that came out to see what the hype was about. We received so much feedback that everyone had an amazing time and really enjoyed all the performances. You can head on over to the photo gallery to see a recap of the Music In The Woods Festival.  So many people helped us make this a success so special thank you's are needed, first, to Owner David Bigchief of Tribe Security thank you times a thousand, we trust only you and your team and if anyone out there needs security whether for an event or personal please contact them, we highly recommend him and his staff. Special thank you to Helen at Chaser's Bar and Grill for all that you did for us, truly appreciated and thank you. Major side note as well we would like to acknowledge all the hard work that WRDS put in as well, the man woke up before 7am and hit the pavement with us and worked every aspect of the set up and take down for this festival, we could not have done it without you and thank you again. Also want to say thank you to our families, you guys are always coming out and showing up for us and there is nothing better in this world than having that kind of love and support. Guys if your new to us and are wondering where can I hear more of their music, if you do not have a streaming service you can always go to I.Deal's page Idealraps on YouTube and see all his work there as well. I.Deal's previous album "Bcuz I Can" is available on all streaming sites such as: Google Play, Tidal, Soundcloud, and I Tunes all you gotta do is search Idealraps. In addition, if you have not heard Mic Logik's album "Overdue" it is currently available on all streaming sites as well - If you haven't heard it, take a second, guaranteed a good listen! The homie WRDS music is available on most streaming sites as well and you can visit his direct page for more information and links on where to find his music as well as a few music video links as well. 

We dropped our clothing line in September 2018 and we are truly amazed and humbled by the support and reaction from all those who purchase and rep our Chi-Native brand. We are by no means ready to slow down, we have added a few new items in the clothing department which we will have up later this week on the site, all shirts were available at the music festival, so everyone there got a sneak peek. We are excited about all the developments we have and are working on and we will continue to keep pushing ourselves, continue to steam roll through projects and new ventures not just personally but also with the brand. We keep working, we keep pushing, we keep striving and we look forward to all exciting things coming, we continue to reach for the stars! Stay tuned!!!!!

I myself, I.Deal would like to thank all the fans for their love and continued support, this whole passage has not been something most would have stuck with but this has been a dream of mine since long ago and stopping has never been an option even when others just don't understand the passion and years that have gone into what my team has built and where we are today. This music journey has never been easy, but I have put everything I have into this vision, music has always been my love, my passion and that won't ever stop. Stay connected to the whole team and myself I.Deal, make sure to follow us on social media; I.Deal (IG/Twitter @Idealraps) Mic Logik (IG\Twitter @MicLogik)  WRDS (IG @WRDS1) as well as the lady behind it all ThrowEmC (IG\Twitter @ThrowEmC). Don't let the rest of the year pass you by, get up everyday and just do the damn thing! Stay connected, stay informed for all the latest on us. Much Love!


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