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I.Deal is half American Indian (Navajo Tribe) and Mexican Hip-Hop Artist  that has been writing and recording for well over a  decade. I.Deal formed 1/2 of the group known as Native Scripts, which released their self titled debut album in 2007 through Workhorse Entertainment.

In 2008 I.Deal followed that release with the project "HERE FOR WORK MAN." The concept was derived with the idea of releasing a song per week for the masses, hence the name. The next project to be released by I.Deal was the mixtape in 2010 entitled, "JUST A SAMPLE." Like many of his releases there is a constant theme throughout with various projects. In 2013 we saw the release of "YOU'RE WELCOME." All of these project are available for your listening pleasures under the RELEASES tab. 2016 we saw the release of I.Deal's first debut album entitled, "BCUZ I CAN." 

I.Deal is currently now working on his new album called #GAINZ  his follow up album to "BCUZ I CAN" and he is expected to finish wrapping up in April 2019 with a tentative release date of 4/19. This upcoming album is filled with non stop beats and bars and that said,  I.Deal has just released the first single called "I'm All In" and the reviews and responses have been great! This whole album is going to be banana's and I.Deal can not wait to present the final product to you all. 

I.Deal has performed throughout the Chicagoland area for several years at such venues as: The Funky Buddha Lounge, Sub-T, Getz Theatre, Flat Iron Building, Cherry Red, Fiesta Cantina in Wrigleyville, Valentino's and Candela's Nightclub, Reggies Music Club, Cafe Lura, Silvies to name a few. In addition I.Deal has also done several charity events throughout the community such as, "Keep People of the Streets" fundraising event and worked with Rush University Medical Center for their annual Martin Luther King, Jr.- "Day of Service Event" for after school community programs. I.Deal set his sights on a music festival performing in NOLA and did so at The Indie Gras Festival Feb 17th, 2017 during All Star Weekend.  While we know performing and connecting with your audience is crucial we here at Chi-Native also believe there is more to it than just being an entertainer/performer for your fans or crowds of people. I.Deal feels every artist should make an attempt to make some kind of positive change within his community if given the opportunity and Chi-Native Entertainment is a true indie label that has tried its best through the years to participate in several charity events by donating back to school supplies for inner city youth to performing at fundraisers to raise funds for back to school programs as well as donating toys to Toys for Tots during the Xmas holiday season.  Chi-Native and I.Deal are here to prove a force to be reckoned with, providing true hip-hop music with more than just a rhyme and a beat but a true message to transcend all boundaries and we have some fun while we are at it too!

Chi-Native Entertainment

Im All in music video by I.Deal feat MIc Logik & Throwemc

If Justice Was A Lady feat Mic Logik