Hello and It's Been A While, no? (November 2-8th)

Well how the hell are you all doing since we have last had a moment to chat so to speak? If your anything like me you haven't done much of anything other than work and head home, unless your a selfish human being who thinks they know better and are wiser than the health care professionals. It has been one rough 2020, if dick stain Agent Orange hasn't created enough bullshit we American's then had to deal with COVID 19 on our own since the elite give zero fucks about the rest of us. It's crazy this all started in March the explosion of all this and here we are in November and we are nowhere near over this. I've known quite a few people who have had it and how hard it has been for them to recover not just physically but also financially. Many folks had to deal with an onslaught of horrid sickness, and some are still dealing with health issues even through the worst symptoms add to that the stress of not being able to go back to work and it is a recipe for disaster. It has all been very stressful and God Bless all those who aren't working and haven't been able to work. Our racial climate is at an all time high with Agent Orange doing his least to quell the racial tension, he has only provoked his constituents to come out of the closet with their hatred and racist antics. Police brutality and the countless murders of black, brown and indigenous individuals continues daily with no justice for our brothers and sisters. We are witnessing murders on social media often by the hands of those who are sworn to protect and serve met with no immediate justice brought for the countless families who have been victims of these merciless acts and traumatized by the police. If we can't compound more problems we are now facing a huge homeless crisis, with an estimated 40 million Americans facing eviction. This is insanity folks, there are so many with very limited resources barely hanging on to life support as it is financially, economically, and now we are facing eminent housing evictions. Here are some major things I have noticed within the past few months, first would be the many families I have seen sitting in various parking lots throughout the city and suburbs asking for change so they can feed their children and even more heartbreaking is seeing the kids just being kids with no real clue how dire their family situation is/was. I live in a suburb outside of Chicago, I grew up in Chicago so seeing a homeless person isn't some foreign site but it is so when it happens within the suburban community and your seeing many within a day's commute. I have also noted more homeless persons within our area and surrounding suburbs and again it is absolutely heart wrenching because most are elderly and that shit hurts like hell. I often try my best to find a way to bring them some food/drink so at least they have something warm to eat, but I know that is not enough. These times are very hard to comprehend, they are extremely trying times, it has been so hard to witness the sloth of society, the hatred and scurrility of society. I mean hell we didn't get a summer as we were all on lockdown and for some reason 9/6 hit and summer headed out without even realizing we had at least another 3 weeks of summer type weather that should have been in our forecast but no- it was rainy as shit and in the 60's. I mean, we're definitely rolling in the not winning zone right now on steady cruise control it seems. It is currently November 4th and we are still awaiting the Presidential election results, what we know so far is that this has been a record breaking voter turnout but what has hurt the most for me to see is how many folks still turned out and voted for a lying, draft dodging,  racist, homophobic, entitled, privileged, in debt, failed business man who has made his stance very apparent to minority and women voters. I can not fathom how so many chose him over humanity and I just can't fathom those that continue to say their vote doesn't count. You know I stay on top of social media and most of that is because it is the nature of my business but what is so sad again to me is those that turn a blind eye to his lack of character and morals.  I've said this over and over, I could never value or stand along side the oppressor and Trump represents that to me. You will NEVA get a seat at the table with your accents, features, roots and all the consonants and vowels in your last name, yet his supporters still stupidly play into it all to seek validation that you belong when in fact everything he has said is the exact opposite-it is shameful and you all are sell outs. I don't know what the future holds for so many of us, I am appalled that in 2020 we still have folks upset and racist towards others because of their skin color or ethnic roots, what I can say is that I am looking for brighter days and horizons where we can have some sort of true leadership which stands for equality and representation for all. I just wanted to come back this week with a few of my thoughts, I voted, I did my part. I will continue to live in the light, do good, be good but know this if you sided with the oppressor you and I could never be friends-Never. I don't wish any wrong to those that chose the oppressor, I simply will pray for you and may you live the life you deserve. This post is always my thoughts and feelings, this post isn't about debating with anyone - in the end you do you and I will do me - Period. I don't lead with disrespect and when I don't like someone's post, thoughts, ideas, I simply keep scrolling because I am an adult. Till next week folks, I'll be back to writing my regular weekly blogs, and thank you to all those who have read and reacted to my blogs lately because for the longest I thought I wrote simply for myself lol. As always peeps, stay safe, take care of yourself, take care of your loved ones and be the good you want to see in the world. #ChiNative #MyBlog #ThrowEmC 

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