Qaurantine & Snow - Spring is going great, no? (3/23 - 3/29)

Hello folks, it has been a while since my last blog and I must say it wasn't because I had nothing to say or write it mainly has to do with me being busy and not dedicating much time to my blog writing. I wanted to write up a blog during our stay in Mexico but their reception was horrid and we had limited availability as far as connectivity and most days were spent filming and by the time we were unwinding it was late at night and I was hurried to post content for all our social media accounts. The grind doesn't stop except when it does, am I right? So by now you all are aware of the covid-10 outbreak and if you follow me on our Chi-Native Radio you know I have been talking about this for weeks since early January. It is crazy how many people are still talking about this not being that serious and they don't understand the need for businesses and sporting events to be shut down. This virus is spreading fast, its creating havoc abroad and starting to really hit us here at home, as of yesterday there have been more than 35,000 reported cases and yet you can still find dumb asses walking around on boardwalks, boating in Florida, walking around Target for non essential items as if this is a joke. We have been told to quarantine and stay home and there are so many talking about this is the beginning of a dictatorship instead of thinking of the thousands of healthcare professionals who are risking their lives daily to try and aid those who are sick when we know there is no cure, there is nothing proven to prevent death in the most vulnerable. I keep saying that until it hits you, a loved one, or your child you won't be thinking this is a joke, you won't be saying how silly all this is. I am baffled by how many people at the moment are still out and about as if nothing is wrong, I am also baffled by the amount of parents crying about school not being in session and they don't know what to do with their children. I swear we as a people are the worst, you folks expect everyone else to raise them, to provide for them, to entertain them while you simply call yourself a parent. It is beyond me how many people are saying they're bored at home and it literally has only been a few days for most cities during this lock down. I just watched someone I know throw a damn house party on Saturday like we weren't told to go into isolation and like morons his home was filled with people all within close proximity. In all this madness we have this fool of a President speaking absolute nonsense and lying to the American public about how great we are doing at containing this pandemic, he has lied about knowing how bad this was even when he was told about this in early December by the WHO (World Health Organization), he has lied repeatedly about getting test kits out to every city (which major cities still don't have), he has lied about our effectiveness at attacking this sickness, he has lied about everything and yet his supporters still scream from the rooftops "He's the greatest." I ask this, why doesn't every city have testing kits, why aren't we testing everyone we can, why hasn't "The Greatest Country In The World" given enough supplies to protect our medical staff? Why is he worrying about wall street, the airlines, the banking system instead of the hard working middle and lower class who get up everyday and really are the ones making sure America runs daily. Where is the hard working American's public bail out? Insider trading has happened with several well known officials dropping certain stocks and no one has blinked an eye but let that be any one else not born of wealth and privilege or within political reign and we would be thrown in jail to never see the light again. It sickens me that we the American people don't demand more from our leaders and make drastic changes to those currently in office who continue to look down on us and do nothing to ensure we can keep a rood over our heads and feed ourselves, our families. I was speaking to a client just last week and we were speaking about current events and the topic of rent came about and this particular client stated that if the tenants they have don't pay rent on time they will kick them out because it's not their problem and the government can't tell them anything because it's their building. I asked, "you would do that, you would make someone choose between paying you 1000's in rent versus feeding themselves or their children?" I looked them dead in their eye and said, "may you reap what you sow and may you never be given any aid should you ever need it." All the assholes being opportunist only thinking of themselves out here buying all the toilet paper, thermometers, and meds for only their economic gain and price gouging shit because they feel they can. I feel for the thousands of elderly who don't have family, for those who don't have transportation and don't have the availability to go to several stores to find needed items. for those who are living paycheck to paycheck and haven't been able to work since last week with no real date for their return to work.In this time, in this crisis it has become apparent who the real threat is and has always been, it has always been us, the human population. We think we know more than others, we refuse to listen when we are told what is needed or expected from us, we refuse to be still, stay home, we refuse to look out for others, we are the most selfish and disease spreading entities walking this earth. We humans only take, consume and destroy and then cry when there is nothing left for us to claim as our own, if this pandemic wasn't a wake up call nothing will help us, nothing will save us. I pray that many of you wake up, I pray many of you understand your responsibilities and take the needed measures to ensure we stop this virus and to stop thinking of only self, folks there is no I in team. In the coming days I pray we all can look toward one another as brothers and sisters as we should, I pray that we start to think of others and not just ourselves, I pray that we can do our part and follow the #StayHome orders and that we demand more from our elected officials and those that are showing their ass right now we do our due diligence and get them out of office because their job is to protect us the American public not their pockets or their elite counterparts. Till next time folks, stay safe out there. #ChiNative #MyBlog #ThrowEmC #Covid19 #StayHome #WashYourHands #PracticeGoodHygiene #SickStayIndoors #AreYouDoingEnough 



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