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Spring is upon us here in Chicago, but will we ever see it?

We are the middle of May and we don't know if we are ever going to get a spring in full effect here in good Ol' Chicago because we have barely gotten out of the 50 degree mark on a daily basis. I mean summer is literally around the corner and we still need pants and sweaters, we swear mother nature is really pissed off. Even though we all here in the mid-west are officially over the whole winter vibes we do want to mention that in such a huge market where it can be easy to be lost with so many options, we thank you for choosing to come back and see what we are up to! Chi-Native is committed to continually bring you all relevant content both from myself I.Deal (@Idealraps) and Mic Logik (@MicLogik) and we are looking forward to all the new opportunities coming our way. We have pending festival opportunities and Chi-Native is looking forward to all the new content which I.Deal will be launching very soon. I.Deal's new record #GAINZ dropped May 3rd and we are now working on a specific t-shirt to co-inside with his album and these tee's will only be available pre-order-all details to follow  soon! I.Deal's new album GAINZ is out and available on all streaming sites and if you don't have a streaming service you can always go to his page Idealraps on YouTube and see all his work as well. I.Deal's previous album "Bcuz I Can" is also available on all streaming sites: Google Play, Tidal, Soundcloud, and I Tunes all you gotta do is search Idealraps. In addition, have you heard Mic Logik's album "Overdue" currently available on all streaming sites as well - If you haven't heard it, take a second, guaranteed a good listen! We dropped our clothing line in September and truly amazed and humbled by the support and reaction from all those who purchased and rep our Chi-Native brand. Exciting developments all around and we will continue to keep pushing ourselves, continue to steam roll through projects and new ventures not just personally but also with the brand. We have a lot of exciting things coming, we are always working and will continue to reach for the stars! Stay tuned ya'll!!

I.Deal would like to thank all his fans for their love & continued support. This music journey has never been easy, but he has put everything he has into it, music has always been his love, his passion and that won't ever stop. Stay connected to my team and I, make sure to follow us on social media; I.Deal (IG/Twitter @Idealraps) Mic Logik (IG\Twitter @MicLogik) as well as the lady behind it all ThrowEmC (IG\Twitter @ThrowEmC). Don't let this new year pass you by, get up everyday and just do the damn thing! Stay connected, stay informed for all the latest on us. Much Love!




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