Hi & Happiest of Monday's to you (5/20-5/26) 

Hello and good day from myself here in one of the greatest cities in the world, Chicago! Although many may argue with me due to the fact that spring has not truly decided to spring forward this year yet. It is barely going to reach a high of 52 degrees today and it seems like Mother Nature is really not ready to wake from her winter slumber to bring us some true spring/summer weather as we are already 3 weeks into May. I got so many good things to look forward to, I got a vacation coming up and the guy's I.Deal and Mic Logik have their next show a few weeks away and that is always going to be a good time because they certainly know how to rock a stage and with the buzz building around them I am rather excited to see the crowd that gathers on June 8th. So many good things but man are we in some trying times not only are minorities facing increased and blatant racism in all forms we are also facing an attack on women and their right to know what is best for themselves in terms of abortion and a woman's right to choose. There are so many that are spouting religious reasons and I have to ask where are all your religious virtues in terms of all the helpless children that are under police custody and have been without their parents for months. I ask where is your outrage and compassion for all these babies that have been separated from their parents whose only wish was to give their children a better life, or are brown babies something your God doesn't recognize? I ask these same people that say adoption is best, how many adopted children do you have? How many foster children do you have? I ask again how much time do you offer to mentor or how much do you donate to adoption causes and those in foster care? Adoption isn't the best choice always, we have many children within our foster care system that don't receive the love and attention they truly need. So many children live their entire lives within the foster care system and many are neglected and truly never receive the love they deserve. I also ask you, if your silent on all the white nationalist uprisings, the racism spewing from within this country at alarming rates as if we have gone back in time, if your quite on the notion that we want to cut health insurance and food stamps and affordable housing and planned parenthood which aids those in need of birth control, all which directly effects those that are struggling and barely staying above water how can you think a women being forced to keep a baby that she can not afford, does not want and can not take care of is in anyone's best interest? If your quite on all the mass shootings that have occurred and you don't scream for gun reform then why do you choose to open up your mouths on a topic that truly does not affect you personally? Where is your empathy, your outrage and change we desperately need in regards to all the children lost due to gun violence? Nothing that one women chooses to do with her body directly affects your life or your future life so why does anyone think they should own an opinion within a home they do not live in?  Abortion is a personal matter and only a matter that needs to be discussed between a doctor and the patient-no one else. No woman needs to tell anyone why they chose for themselves to have an abortion because again - it does not affect your life! To any man with an opinion unless you can carry them and nurture them from birth your opinion is irrelevant it might be your seed but it's not your forest! I mean if a women is raped, or her life is at risk, her well being is at risk, why does anyone think your ideology matters most than that woman who has to deal with what has or will happen to her as a result of said pregnancy. I will finish off with the following words spoken by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, "The decision whether or not to bear a child is central to a woman's life, to her dignity. When the government controls that decision for her, she is being treated as less than a full adult human responsible for her own choices." Every woman deserves the right to decide what is best for herself, not society, not men and certainly not our government. I could go on for days on this issue but I won't because there are too many that choose to think they know what is best for every individuals personal choice, too many that choose to talk rather than listen, too many that choose to think they are superior until forced with hard decisions themselves and too many with their own skeletons yet believe their choices are explainable. I leave this weeks blog with a message that may each of you go forward without judgement for what does not concern your daily life, I ask that each of you enraged and so concerned about a fetus within a womb not of your own to start to mentor, foster or adopt and start to find that same passion for this cause and move it into other causes that need our dire attention like police brutality, health care, tax reform, immigration reform, exploding child care cost, erupting college tuition cost and all the corruption within our government and these elected officials who don't live up to our expectations. I pray you all have a safe week and that you find a way to understand others and not just assume, till next weeks xoxo. #ChiNative #HotTopic #Blogger #ThrowEmC #MyChoice #MyRight 





Hi my sweets, Here we go, It's Monday 5/13-5/19 

Hello and good day to you all on this fine Monday mid afternoon. So here we are the day after celebrating all our Mother's and Mother like figures in our lives. I hope each of you took the time out of your day to show her just how much she means to you, because life sometimes gets in the way and we tend to forget about expressing our feelings towards those that matter to us the most. Time is the most precious thing we each have and for many of our parents time is fleeting so it really is important to do more than call but to actually give them your undivided attention, make a fuss over them and show them how much they truly mean to you/us! I had a wonderful Mother's Day we spent time together at my youngest brother's house and then we took our mother to a Cuban restaurant in Chicago called 90 Miles Cuban Cafe.It was a BYOB type of restaurant and that is always a win win for my family and I because we can drink ya'll. The vibe, our hostess, the staff and the food were all fantastic, I picked this place the day before just by googling best BYOB and the ratings and reviews were good so I took a chance and I am so glad I did. My whole family truly enjoyed their dinner and atmosphere, mom and pops left full and sleepy so it was a good time for us all. There is nothing like family time and nothing like being surrounded by those that matter most to you enjoying each other's company, laughing and just genuinely having a great time. I just want to say to all the women around the world, it is because your willingness to be selfless and your desire to give your children the best you possibly can that the world shines a little brighter every single day.Mother's truly do more than you will ever know and until one day you hold your own bundle in the palm of your hands you won't understand it, there simply is no other love like that of a mother to her child, it truly is priceless and it changes a women in many ways. Make sure you guys moving forward don't just show your love one time a year, make it a daily attempt whether a text, or a phone call, you have no idea how much that makes any mom's day and the smile you bring by just thinking of her and reaching out to say hi! So, as we move on from this past Mother's Day love let's talk about all the love we have been receiving for the album GAINZ by I.Deal aka @Idealraps. We love that you guys are digging the new album and we are excited to hear more from you guys. What's your favorite track? If I had to pick one I would say it has to be No You Can't (feat Wrds) the beat and the vibe is outta here! It just starts of right and the message that no one can fuck up my high is legit and exactly how I feel every single day. I do me and I don't worry about what others are doing or what others got going on. You simply can not listen to this song and not feel better if your in a funky mood and Wrds flow is too dope! These two artists together knocked this track outta the park, the sound the style and delivery is 100! My next favorite track has to be Never Forget featuring Mic Logik and these two together are lethal because they complement each other so well with cadence, flow and energy. We have a music video in the works for Never Forget that I.Deal is currently editing so that should drop sometime very soon.If you all did not know, I.Deal and Mic Logik are perfectionist and last week they did not like the version of the music video that they thought was done so I.Deal went back into edit mode so he is adding some extra touches because every thing we do and bring to you guys has to be great, not just ok. We will be ordering our newest installments of shirts this week and we should have something to show you guys by next week and then we will proceed with all the orders. In case you wondering where you can listen to this album GAINZ because maybe you've been under a rock or something the album is available on all streaming sites: Tidal, Soundcloud, ITunes, You Tube, Spotify, Deezer, you name it it's out there! Now I also want to clear up a misconception. I.Deal is his name, his stage name, his artist name,whatever you want to call it but his work is all under his username for IG/Twitter which is @Idealraps and this has been such for years because many moons ago it was not possible to link everything to I.Deal as there were several entities already posting to you tube under just the name I.Deal hence you'll always find him easier by searching his @ which is Idealraps. If your ever confused you can also simply go to any of our IG pages @Idealraps @MicLogik @ThrowEmC and click the link in our bio it will take you to our URL's and you can find any of our music just by clicking whichever URL you choose. I know we say it a lot but we can't thank you all enough for the love and steady support each and everyone of you gives us!You all make it possible for us to keep pushing because we see what we are doing matters and that you all truly relate and like the music we keep bringing you guys. It really is because of each of you whether we've met personally or not that we continue to build and grow, so again thank you, thank you, thank you. I always like to end my blogs with a little something so here it goes for this week; We all have a purpose, we may not initially see it or know it but when you finally have the courage to allow your gifts to be seen you tap into your purpose and that's when everything starts to line up to serve you. Never be afraid to put yourself out there, the world is darker without your light! xoxo and until next week babes! #ChiNative #Blogger #ChicagoBlog #ShareYourLight #TapIntoYourPurposeIt really is because of each of you whether we've met personally or not that we continue to build and grow, so again thank you, thank you, thank you. I always like to end my blogs with a little something so here it goes for this week; We all have a purpose, we may not initially see it or know it but when you finally have the courage to allow your gifts to be seen you tap into your purpose and that's when everything starts to line up to serve you. Never be afraid to put yourself out there, the world is darker without your light! xoxo and until next week babes! #ChiNative #Blogger #ChicagoBlog #ShareYourLight #TapIntoYourPurposeIt really is because of each of you whether we've met personally or not that we continue to build and grow, so again thank you, thank you, thank you. I always like to end my blogs with a little something so here it goes for this week; We all have a purpose, we may not initially see it or know it but when you finally have the courage to allow your gifts to be seen you tap into your purpose and that's when everything starts to line up to serve you. Never be afraid to put yourself out there, the world is darker without your light! xoxo and until next week babes! #ChiNative #Blogger #ChicagoBlog #ShareYourLight #TapIntoYourPurposeI always like to end my blogs with a little something so here it goes for this week; We all have a purpose, we may not initially see it or know it but when you finally have the courage to allow your gifts to be seen you tap into your purpose and that's when everything starts to line up to serve you. Never be afraid to put yourself out there, the world is darker without your light! xoxo and until next week babes! #ChiNative #Blogger #ChicagoBlog #ShareYourLight #TapIntoYourPurposeI always like to end my blogs with a little something so here it goes for this week; We all have a purpose, we may not initially see it or know it but when you finally have the courage to allow your gifts to be seen you tap into your purpose and that's when everything starts to line up to serve you. Never be afraid to put yourself out there, the world is darker without your light! xoxo and until next week babes! #ChiNative #Blogger #ChicagoBlog #ShareYourLight #TapIntoYourPurpose#ChiNative #Blogger #ChicagoBlog #ShareYourLight #TapIntoYourPurpose#ChiNative #Blogger #ChicagoBlog #ShareYourLight #TapIntoYourPurpose


Happy Monday - we back at it folks. Miss me? Week 5/6-5/12 

Hiiiii my sweet peeps and a hardy hello on this Monday. Man it seems like its been a minute since I last did a blog entry but its only been about week since we last chatted. I didn’t have much time last week at all to get a blog ready, we were in the midst of all things I. Deal and his album #GAINZ and on top of that we had such a debacle trying to order tees with the run around hence no shirts yet. This blog is short and sweet this week as it's just a recap of I.Deal and GAINZ. I will say this, I have zero clue why folks will list a contact us page and send a hello email but never follow up or respond to the issue at hand. I went through several companies with no follow up, I was over it by ends week no joke. I will be working on the new shirt orders this week, we will drop a campaign for the 2 styles we’ll have and then we’ll launch a pre-order for you guys. We will be getting some long sleeves because the way the weather has worked thus far it seems they will still be needed. I still have my damn heat on because its barely been warm here. We also will be bringing you guys a white t-shirt version of our current logo and possibly a different color as well, again all new merchandise will be pre-orders only. That said you guys rocking with us know GAINZ dropped on Friday 5/3 and we love how much y’all have been digging the album because the feedback has been amazing from you guys and not to mention the streams. The numbers are really good and that lets us know you guys are really liking the total vibes on GAINZ. We also have had some pretty dope reviews of the album written and it really means we’re doing something right when the team gets mentioned! What’s your favorite track off the album, drop a comment and let us know? My life last week was consumed with promo work all while trying to recover from catching another cold (which is highly unusual for me) due to my son who passed it to me. Children are the gift that keep on giving, I swear! He returned home from school and brought a damn cold with him that has had me for a week, I’m still coughing and carrying an arsenal of kleenex, I said this last blog but for real this better be my last cold for another year, all I’m saying. I.Deal will be dropping another music video very shortly, so keep on the lookout it should be here by weeks end. I got a busy week as some may know I’m a florist by day and its basically super bowl time for us as Mother’s Day is Sunday so I got my daytime gig pulling me 100 different ways and then I got my nighttime responsibilities with Chi-Native so your girl gotta go and keep it moving this week. Thank you for always coming back and checking in with me, I appreciate each and every one of you. Till next week I will leave you with this-remember why you do what you do daily, remember your why when your feeling tired, remember your why when faced with adversity, remember your why when others say you can’t so that you may prove what you always knew all along. You can and you will! Xoxo babes. #ChiNative #ThrowEmC #blog #GAINZ

A Day Late - Still Here Folks, You Sad? Week 4/22-4/28  

Hello and a warm hi to you all out there in the universe today. Sorry, I am running behind on the blog this week. Yesterday I came home from the gym with the idea I would get it going but I had so many things to take care of home wise that time slipped away and then it was almost 10pm and by then this lady was cooked. No joke I had an amazing weekend, sun was out, weather was excellent, hell I even burned a little on Sunday while out barbecuing because I was determined to meal prep for the week and I just spent Easter Sunday with the whole family as I'm sure many of you did as well. Last week I did mention all of I.Deal's latest music videos that he has dropped and that he has finalized and mastered all of his songs for the upcoming album #GAINZ. We even have the album artwork finalized and yesterday we also confirmed the latest tee shirt that will be available for pre-order only and coincide with his album release. We will be announcing his album release date very soon!!! Mic Logik also out here doing things as well. @Wrds1 & @aqrunitback released a collab called “The Lacuna” and I mention this not only because Wrds1 dropped some gems on us but be also has a song called “Back Away” featuring Mic Logik and if you haven’t heard it yet the album is out and available everywhere on all streaming platforms. Now moving forward into this weeks nitty gritty blog. I am going to talk about this depression word that I feel is thrown around too much these days. It is insane to me to see how many unadjusted grown adults we got walking around daily, crying on their IG stories, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat about how “depressed” and sad they are. It is utterly silly how many folks are walking around thinking they need medicine in order to function when in reality a lot of times the fucking truth is life sucks sometimes and there ain't shit most of us can do but to deal with life, accept life and keep moving forward. No one is going to live a fairytale life and if your walking around with any type of notion of such it’s apparent you were raised to believe you’re a fucking princess or prince in a Disney movie because life isn't always rainbows and sunshine, no one is coming to save us but ourselves. We live to live life, to experience life, to feel life in all its forms whether good or bad, up or down. How else would we ever appreciate the good when it finally happens, how can anyone think we shall all experience positive uplifting days? We are humans, fickle, undecided and many times stubborn. Depression is absolutely real and every living being feels it but so is realizing that you must acknowledge what is driving your sadness. These emotions all stem from somewhere or something in our lives. Find what it is and work through it. You hate your job, its draining you, your not compensated enough, you’ve outgrown it then look for a new line of work. No you may not find your most ideal job right away, but it will have pushed you in a new direction where you may find a better calmness and less anxiety. Your relationships whether family, friends or your significant other not making you happy, their draining you, your hurting inside for whatever reasons- speak on it! No it won’t be easy, and no they may not be easy conversations to be had but without addressing the issues and collectively seeking solutions-you’ll continue to be sad with no real resolutions in sight. This takes each individual to understand the true essence of what being an adult is, you have to own your space, your feelings and if those you love can't or won’t acknowledge and work with you then the answer is always simple, you live, let live and let go. Your sad and depressed because money is tight, guess what baby, most of us feel this way daily, but you live and keep pushing because all we got is this one life and we all aren’t going to be born with a silver spoon. You sad and mad because you’re a baby momma struggling and wonder why you can’t seem to find a good man. Honey take a look at yourself and the type of men you deal with and look for the opposite because your type isn’t working for you. Take longer to be with someone and actually get to know them and not their facade. Your so mad as a man because your baby mother argues about letting you be with your child because their selfish and spiteful, be the adult and go to court because nothing should ever stop you from being with your own flesh and blood nor should they dismantle your bond as the other parent. Again, will it be easy and without stress-No, but life just isn’t going to be fair and again realizing your own mistakes and faults in creating life with folks you truly didn’t know because let’s be honest we don’t truly know someone in a year, that acknowledgment alone aids in making you realize you played a part in what happened and helps with moving forward. You don’t like paying child support man or woman, again pretty simple one can practice safe sex because procreation can totally be prevented. Your health is not great then figure out ways to address your ailments and make any and all changes that can improve your situation because your health is ultimately yours and yours alone to take care of and deal with! We don’t need countless self help books, we don’t need a shrink to listen quietly and ask us repeatedly how does that make you feel, nor do we need endless prescriptions to alter our minds. What we all need is action and the understanding that our mental health, our happiness all lies within us as long as we are willing to work through and acknowledge what our issues are but again that is the essence of being an adult. I could go on but this blog is long enough today. I will simply leave you with this; “Whatever you are not changing, You are choosing!” Until next week babes take care of yourselves and those you hold dearest because we all we got! #WhySoSad #MakingChanges #HowYouDoing #ChiNative #ThrowEmC #NewBlog

Monday, we see you! Things I.Deal & t.v./series binging! 4/14-4/22 

Hey guys and a happy hello to you all on this fine Monday evening and after this Sunday all I’m saying is that had better be the last snow we see till next winter! It literally snowed from 10am until about 7pm and I just kept thinking what in the hell is happening, yesterday we had snow accumulation, it was cold, gloomy and today we’re surrounded by sunshine and higher digits. Isn’t that funny one day one way and the next day another and just like that here we are again facing a new week, a week filled with opportunities to accomplish more goals, set more goals, and vibrate higher to whatever our calling may be and as we look forward may we all be refreshed and ready to get things done not just today but each and every day. We here at the label are pretty excited with the upcoming release of I.Deal aka @Idealraps new album #GAINZ which we have been talking about for months and it’s almost here. We have almost completed the mastering, just this past weekend I.Deal gave the ok for the album artwork and y’all know by now we also released the latest music video “Built For This” which is his 2nd single release from his upcoming album #GAINZ. I.Deal is currently editing the next music video for “Never Forget” featuring Mic Logik and this video will have been done all in house here at Chi-Native. The album is filled with beats, made stupid barz and a flow that doesn’t stay flat throughout. It’s a vibe yo, frfr and until you guys all get to hear it my words won't do it justice. Soon guys very soon and again we can’t wait for you guys all to finally hear what he is bringing to the table with this next project. So the last few weeks I have given a movie insight here and there but last week I did not have the chance to get out and see that new Pet Sematary movie but I wasn’t really pressed, I did see the original so I’m kinda like whatever. I’m sure I’ll get around to it. I did on the other hand watch a real stupid ass movie, against my own will because two knuckleheads mainly I.Deal and Mic Logik wanted to see Holmes and Watson staring Will Ferrell and John C Reilly. The dumbest movie ever and I’m mad I can’t get that hour and twenty minutes back, that movie gets a negative from me, minus three aite's. In case your wondering what is an aite, I.Deal and I have a grading scale for movies, it’s from 1 to 3 aite's and I think in the last 5 years we might have given out 2,2 aite’s. 3 aite's is the highest and best from us and many are just meh, no biggie. I did a lot of series/t.v. watching this weekend as if you can't tell by all that above, and while doing so, I stumbled upon and smashed right through “Black Summer” on Netflix. Now originally it caught my attention because it was a zombie type post apocalyptic series and that’s kinda my thing but then I quickly thought, like how many can they make of these but saw its actors and decided why not. I was kinda upset to have had so few episodes because the last episode was getting real good, someone gets reunited, the crew is deeply shortened at this point and the viewer comes to see the reality of the current situation and the saving grace may be no more. These zombies, at least to me, in this series seem to be super fast, I felt bad for one particular character named Lance that man ran so much in his scenes with the zombies always in pursuit right behind him. I had to laugh a few times because all his damn running reminded me of the Roadrunner. If zombie movies are your thing I give it a thumbs up, you can always leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on it. That’s it guys for this week just a little artist/label update and my t.v. filled weekend reviews. I have to handle some photo work this week and also do some promo work for I.Deal, ohhh and by the way, any of you peep the subtle Instagram change where my link will take you directly to all my URL addresses, how dope is that, easy peesy and at your finger tips, lol. Ok babes, as always I’ll leave you with this - make sure your responsible for you, make sure you understand only you are accountable for your actions, what you do and how you act. Make sure you understand everything you decide has consequences so choose wisely, until next week take care of yourself, each other and those you love. #BuiltForThis #TillNextMonday #TakeCareOfYourself #TakeCareOfEachother #BeAccountable #ChiNative #Blogger #ThrowEmC #WhatAreYouWatching

Whoa, the weekend is over? Happy Monday peeps! 4/8-4/14 

Hey and hello there my good good friends! Man the weekend flew by and I know I enjoyed myself so here's hoping that many of you that read my blogs did as well. This past weekend was sort of low key on my end but sometimes that is all that is really needed! Some of you may be aware that we are located in the midwest and that is Chicago to be exact and for those that may follow politics you may also be aware that we had elections last week for Mayor and various Alderman throughout our great city and boy was it a moment in history for us here in the Chi. Several defeats from many who had reigned for years/decades from within our corrupt political establishment, we were able to see the change that so many of us hard working Chicagoan's had always wanted to see. We as a city have elected our first Black Woman and lesbian mayor to the city of Chicago and it such a huge victory for not only herself but also for so many that feel left out or as if they can not attain such a level of success within the political world, even more so again for Mrs. Lori Lightfoot who had to break down the fortified walls of mass corruption within in our city. A woman coming from a low income family in a small town, who worked relentlessly proved her worth and her rightful place within America's third largest city! Some of you may follow Mic Logik on Instagram even he himself was involved in campaigning for his old friend Andre Vasquez who was running for the 40th ward. Mic Logik not only campaigned for him by hitting the streets and going door to door he and other hip hop heads earlier this year organized a hip hop event for Andre as well in order to get the word out to vote and bring true transparent change to our city. Andre Vasquez proved to be a dynamite opponent not willing to back down and falter regardless of what smear campaigns were driven by his opponent Ald. Patrick O' Connor which was Mayor Rahm Emanuel's city council floor leader. Ald. Andre Vasquez had long stated he simply wanted to make sure the good people of Chicago can continue to live here and not be forced out and it appears in a ward where fewer than one-fifth of the voters are Latino that this son of a Guatemalan immigrant, a city kid, a former battle rapper, and now family man couldn't be scarred away and his ward spoke loud and clear - they wanted "out with the old and in with the new!" Long considered the underdog Ald. Andre Vasquez proved himself through his relentless door-to-door organizing and spending hours listening to the needs of his community and ultimately making them aware the days of "pay to play" were over if he were elected, he wants a more transparent governmental system and one that benefits the hard working people and not just the top 5% and all his hard work payed off. Mic Logik and myself were at his victory party on election night and how monumental of a moment it was to see and be in and around. These two individuals knew they would have an uphill battle but choose to continue on faith and hard work and let the people decide who would be their next leaders and in true underdog fashion they kept moving forward never faltering and in the end, they were victorious! Life has a funny way of showing you when u least expect it that anything is possible as long as your willing to go the extra mile and always lead with faith. Corruption isn't going to end overnight and problems will not resolve themselves magically but with this new dawn of opportunities and leaders we shall see a change in which many good working hard folks are ready to see and we are all here for it! We got so many things to finalize in the next few weeks as I.Deal is working on completing his album #GAINZ which should be out and available 4/19 or 4/20 we haven't fully committed yet to the specific date and that falls all on I.Deal for now all I can do is keep you guys in the know. I.Deal also has two music videos that should be dropping within the next week or so. He has a video for "Built For This" and "Never Forget" coming to you guys, which we are simply waiting on final edits and approval by I.Deal himself. In other news, last but not least Mic Logik who was featured on a song titled "If Justice Was A Lady" by Greenlight music, they have now released the music video for it and you can find it on youtube or simply go to our about us page and scroll to the bottom and it will also be featured there as well. My dear peeps as always let me leave you with something positive and re-affiming - Do not spend your life waiting for others to allow you to be you, do not spend your life hiding who you are so that others may be more comfortable, do not spend your life listening to all the voices of others that tell you-You can not, do not spend your life sitting idle when change is what you want, what you need. May some things seem scary, of course but then where would we find the thrill if we weren't allowing our hearts to beat a little louder and faster when faced with adversity. I pray you all find your voice, find your fight and know your damn well worth it!!! As always #LoveOneAnother #BeGood #FightTheFight #FindYourVoice #NeverSayNever #NeverQuit #ChiNative #ThrowEmC 




Monday Already?? New Week 4/1-4/7 

Hey Hey Hey - Happiest of Monday's to you all this fine day! Gosh there is much to cover today and sadly as many of you may have heard and know by now Nipsey Hussle aka Ermias Asghedom was shot and killed yesterday Sunday 3/31 at just 33 years old.  Not only a rapper and actor, he was a man that had truly championed for the uprising and empowerment within his own community. He and his business partner Dave Gross had purchased the Crenshaw Plaza where his clothing company was located and had the intention of knocking it down with the idea to rebuild it as a six-story residential building with a commercial plaza below featuring a revamped Marathon Store as the anchor tenant. He was recently working on a documentary looking into the life and death of Dr. Sebi particularly the trials where Dr. Sebi said he had had found a cure for AIDS. So many theories have swirled around Dr. Sebi death especially that he was executed by means of the U.S. Medical Corporations because his AIDS remedies would have tanked their profits, Nipsey Hussle himself had said, "if they kill me for this documentary ya'll better ride." Of course I don't know what happened or the circumstances involved but this is a tragedy all around. A man interested in building from within his own community, a man trying to promote and build unity within the community, a man intent on empowering his community, a husband, a father, a brother, a son is dead and way too soon before his visions could be seen by all, truly a damn shame. May he rest in peace and may God's mercy be over his family, his wife and his children. I can't say this enough, may you all look toward one another with more love, compassion and unity than hate and division, may we all start to take care of another more and look out for each other like we are supposed to and for God sake put down the guns. Moving onward from this tragedy I mentioned last week I would be seeing the movie "US" and let me say it definitely was a movie experience. This movie theme strongly references duality and the numbers 11:11 which is the biblical the verse Jeremiah 11:11. This verse in particular refers to the notion that God will strike a wrath unto a particular group of people with no escape for them. The number 11 also represents the connection to the other worldly dimensions, which if you pay attention have strongly been used throughout several movies especially during the 80's. In addition the movie deals with classism and inequality which can be understood by the actions of the tethered below and the differences between them versus the humans that live up top. I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but if you wondering, yes it is good! The bottom take away is anyone can become their own worst nightmare. Keeping things going if you aren't aware on the music side of things I.Deal has released his next single called "Built For This" and we had anticipated having a music video out for it by last Friday (3/29) but our videographer had some issues with the footage we shot the previous weekend so we were back at it again Saturday (3/29) re-creating footage but sometimes that's just how things go and if you have no control over such events you have to learn to roll with the punches. We should have a video within the coming week if all things go smoothly now but its all in our video guys hand now. I.Deal has finalized all his recordings and now has mastering and album artwork to finalize and folks you shall see his latest creation, his album #GAINZ come to life and drop 4/19.  We are all very excited here at Chi-Native for what's store and most importantly to get out this project to the masses. I'm gonna leave it at that today my good peeps but let me leave you with something to think about. This life we live is delicate and only for the living and we are but here a short time to love, to experience, to grow, to leave a mark. I pray each of you reading this holds those dear to you closer, reaches out more to your loved ones and say's "I Love You" more often than less for we are here one day and gone the next. Till next time, love one another, look out for one another and as always, light, love and peace! #ChiNative #ChicagoBlogger #ThrowEmC #WeeklyRecap #LifeIsShort #BeKind #AidOneAnother

Is the weekend gone already? Happy Monday! 3/25-3/31 

Hello and good day my good people of Mother Earth, can you all believe we are already into the last week of March - my goodness does time fly, yes or no? I was running late this morning so much so that as I looked at my clock when I got into my car I only had 9 minutes to get to work, fortunately for me I work less than 5 minutes away but that meant no coffee run this am so here I am at the gig no coffee, patiently awaiting the arrival of the next employee because this woman here needs her coffee. Random thought here but last night as I sat down to watch some television it dawned on me I really no longer watch regular cable stations as much as I use and watch programs off my Roku, anyone else? I have also saved a bit of my sanity by straying away from all the senseless garbage that is on t.v/cable these days. I used to love to watch certain shows on MTV and VH1 but now its like whatever and the story lines just get more and more wild, and I choose to stay away from the news outlets, they just push their own agenda to further divide this great Nation and I'm so over it. Now don't get me wrong I still follow the news but it is more subjective and through various social media outlets it's not just delegated to the news stations anymore and I must admit it does help me tremendously, because lets be honest it can be so draining. I will say I can not and will not ever listen to the man that is President ever speak, his demeanor, his condescending voice and manner in which he addresses people absolutely digs a hateful feeling toward him. I just can not with that thing and anyone that digs him, if you do, cool just don't speak to me because it's apparent we would have zero in common and there is nothing that anyone can say or do to make me see him in the light that his supporters do, absolutely nothing. I mean the terrible savagery that occurred in New Zealand was just out right deplorable and despicable on so many levels and the fact that the thing sitting in office downplayed white nationalist terrorism is disgusting even though we as a nation know this threat is real and growing. It takes a real coward and p.o.s to attack people that can not and did not have a manner in which to defend themselves. Those poor people were in a temple of worship, in their own world with no reason to think that was the day they would die and die so senselessly and violently at the hands of a man that revered the President. Ummmmm, you see I simply can not!!!! Change and positive change all around is so needed at this time, praying isn't working. Now as I lightly touched that topic, did you all see the post that circulated on Instagram Friday, if not Thursday evening of the man that kicked that elderly woman in the head while on the train in New York I believe? Mannnnnnn, I just want to know who the hell raises all of you people out there, those that just stood there phones out, watching and just recording a man violently attack a defenseless little old lady? I could not and would not have stood by, where are we going wrong that others think that behaviors such as those displayed by that man no one can or will stand up to? He kicked her more than twice and she was so defenseless it really broke my heart to see, I know myself, that would have sparked such a rage in me that I would have reacted, I would have felt compelled to do so. I know many might say why, but if you know me than you would know for sure, but I couldn't not do anything because what if that was my momma just sitting there, or my pops? I mean who the hell does that, and what kind of human just watches. Can you imagine how scared and helpless that woman must have felt? I can't begin to think how traumatized she must feel and that is such a shame and tragedy that we have lost that level of respect and decency to our most dearest and revered of the population. I will say the man that attacked that old lady shouted, "put that on world star,"  got more than that, if his ass wanted attention he surely go it, the right attention and was arrested by Saturday and may he reap all that he sowed. Now all this happened in New York so I don't know any details from the entire incident and I don't know if there were any words ever exchanged but even if there was, nothing justifies beating an elderly person in such a manner. Again ladies and gentlemen we need change and fast, change that resonates with all of us that we are better united, better together, stronger by taking care of one another with grace and compassion rather than hate and violence. All that blah news so I gotta keep it moving, I gotta gotta keep it moving ...... Going to go check out the movie Us this Wednesday in theaters and let you all know next week what my thoughts are on it. It is all the movie buzz and I can't wait to check it out. I also watched "The Dirt" on Sunday which was based off of Motley Crue and their career from the bands beginning to their final tour in 2015. I must mention MGK is getting that acting work and doing a damn good job, whether you like him as a music artist or not he definitely has the acting thing down. Movie was decent and I recommend you watch it when you have the time. Pretty wild to see how they lived back in their earlier years and it's insane they are all still alive despite all their demons, drug and alcohol addictions that they faced through the years as well as tragedies withing their lives. Last but not least this weekend was busy and we were on location downtown filming the next music video for I.Deal's latest single that was released Friday 3/22 called "Built For This." If you have not heard the single by now do yourself a favor and do so, the song is streaming everywhere and if you do not have a streaming service available to you it can also be heard on You Tube by simply searching Idealraps and the song is called - Built For This or copy this link as well https://youtu.be/9gZbUHwL9xA into your browser. This song really embodies the idea that no matter what your pursuing if it is truly what you desire you go at it 100% and nobody should tell you to quit, do you no matter what and strive for what matters, whether your a fitness person trying to attain your best aesthetic, a collegiate athletic trying to go further, a dedicated student, a hard working man/woman, mom or dad going hard everyday for their families, for all those who just don't quit, this song is you. I.Deal's album will be dropping on 4/19 and we are extremely proud of his efforts and the sound of this album, you guys when I tell you - it's a press play at the jump and play all the way through, I mean it!  So much of what we get accomplished as a team is also in part to those that constantly lend their time, their support, their efforts into whatever projects we aim to put out to you guys, as always each and every single one of you is appreciated! That will wrap up this week folks and I'll see you all again next week, but let me leave you with a little something. My dears, we are not given a good life or a bad life. We are given a life. Now, it is up to us to make it a good or bad one! Stop searching for someone to change your life. If you're searching for that one person to change things in your life forever simply look in the mirror! xoxo #AlwaysLeadWithLove #TakeCareOfEachother #AidOneAnother #StandUpForOneAnother #ChiNative #ThrowEmc #MyBlog 


Well Hello Tuesday! Another week in review. 3/18-3-24 

Sorry guys we are a day behind on this week's blog, nonetheless here we are today! I thought I would have time to get the blog done at some point yesterday but it just wasn't in my cards. We had a really busy Monday, we went from being in the studio for over seven hours to having a show last night and man does two hours of sleep not go very far. I am a little worse for wear today but all things good won't come easy nor can you make waves sleeping all the time,so lets get in to it. We are gonna get into the past weeks revelations and honey the felony tea that has spilled, by now many of you should have heard or read the news regarding the pay for college entry scam that has happened. What made headlines more wasn't the fact alone parents had paid for their children to receive higher SAT scores it was the high profile names that were attached to this scandal. Two most prominent names at the moment that were exposed were Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin and it's comical at best to have read some of the things that Lori Loughlin's husband Mossimo Giannulli has said in the past. Outlets stated he had before said that too many people were entitled and did not work hard enough to earn their spot in this life. I mean the irony in his statement alone, and it has always been said that Lori Loughlin was very vocal in how great her two daughters were, they were so great that not only did her and her husband pay $500,000 to get both their daughters into USC they also faked them both being rowers which enabled them to gain special athletic admission to USC. They spent big money on getting their daughters just getting into college and whom now have both dropped out since the news broke. I know as a parent we all want what's best for our children but that definitely wasn't it. How sad that their parents didn't believe in them enough to get into a school on their own merits. How sad they lied and cheated the system to advance their own children's lives while taking away from so many others that would have rightfully been admitted. I wrote a while back about choices and that sometimes we can make the wrong choices that come back to haunt us and sometimes those life choices have lasting, life altering consequences.  The parents involved, those that profited, the cheaters, the students all of them are now facing some very tough decisions and hard life lessons, but truth is, you reap what you sow and whatever you do in the dark will always come to light. That whole mess is a one way ticket to sad town, byeeeee. Yooooo, so last blog I said I was going to see Captain Marvel and that I had no expectations either way because at the time there were so many biased opinions floating around opening week. I got to watch the movie last Tuesday and let me say I thought it was a terrific movie, great action, decent dialogue, Captain Marvel herself was witty, funny, strong all things needed to attract you to a character and keep you interested in their story. I don't really understand why so many haters were out there trolling but you can't please everyone. To me she seemed like a total bad ass, she had that not gonna quit attitude down pat and to not give away anything to those who may have not seen it, towards the end of the movie she totally owned herself. I stayed awake and remembered to speak on it, it's a win situation lol. I recommend the movie if you haven't seen it already. In other news I.Deal completed his last two tracks for his upcoming album #GAINZ and we here at Chi-Native are super excited about this project and getting it out to you all! We shot more visuals yesterday as well for the next (2) music videos we have in the works. Many should know by now we dropped the music video last week for I'm All In and we had mentioned I.Deal was going to drop a new single on 3/15 but with the release of the music video we as a team decided to let ya'll marinate on the music video for a week, that said this Friday 3/22 be on the lookout! Next single to drop is #BUILTFORTHIS and your gonna wanna hear this one as well. I do want to briefly acknowledge and thank the so many of you whom have reached out, watched, commented on our latest video - the love has been felt on that one for real! You guys truly are great and letting us know what we are doing over here is working, and we got more goodness all around coming. That's it for this week folks, as always be easy, take care of yourself and those around you, and keep pushing - you got this! #ChiNative #ChicagoBlogger #Indie #NewBlog 


Aye - Monday is here! Week 3/11-3/17 

Hello and good day to you all that return and check these blogs week after week. I am finally feeling like myself after having a horrible cold for about a week and a half. All I can say about that is, good riddance because that was a whole week and then some of torture and let me tell ya I haven't had a cold like that since I was a teenager and that was many many moons ago. This week's blog really isn't gonna focus on too much of any one topic, I mean the government still don't got their shit together, Agent Orange is now seeking 8.6 billion dollars for a border wall. Like why the hell does he keep increasing the cost, we as a country could do so much more with 8.6 billion dollars than a damn wall but none the less, stupid is as stupid does. Manafort got 47 months for all his indictments while a child who was 12 years old was arrested for selling CD's in a mall and looking at several years in prison, the woman who voted early received 5 years in prison, someone who was selling marijuana received life in prison - not much to acknowledge there again other than our justice system isn't set up equally and we are bombarded by that truth day in and day out. Moving along, I am looking forward to checking out that new Captain Marvel movie which I will be doing tomorrow since it's half off Tuesday's at the theater, because I ain't paying full price for nothing anymore! So expect me to give my review next week on that, I know I have seen too many mixed reviews and most of it I'm sure is just from self loathing haters who just can't wrap their heads around a woman getting a leading role again as a super hero, but we shall see. In music video news, I have been patiently waiting for the final edits to come together for the "I'm All In" video which I.Deal dropped the song a little over a month ago. The video should be done any day now. There is one thing I get irritated with which is the waiting game, but video editing is not my area of expertise so not much I can do about that. We have reached almost  800 views organically on our song "I'm All In" I mean may not be big numbers to others but for us that is great news, it's been amazing to see and hear people's reactions to the song. I.Deal's album is coming along nicely and he hits the studio one more time on the 18th to finish his 2 final recordings and then it's package and get ready for his release date which we have pushed back by a few months as the recording studio we work at had a relocation and upgrades done. They say though all good things come to those who wait and I'll give you all a little insight, I.Deal is going to drop another single this Friday the 15th and this next single is straight fire, so you read it here first folks! Moving right along, so we all have heard by now JLO and A-Rod are engaged but many may have not seen or heard that apparently Jose Conseco had a few choice words of caution for JLo and he is claiming A-Rod has been cheating for a while now on her, he even went as far as to post his cell phone number on twitter telling her to give him a call. That was silly on Jose Conseco's part that tweet with his phone number has since been deleted but I did re-post all the sloppiness yesterday evening on my twitter feed as well. As of today at least all the other tweets remain on his timeline with his latest saying he'd agree to a polygraph test so idk, but damn that woman truly loves love. True or not her relationships all have ended in one way or another by her not fully trusting her man she is with and most of the time it is due to their wondering eye per many media outlets, either way wishing her the best, I mean she still a baddy and her 400 million worth says she definitely gonna be A-OK regardless of what happens. In other news as well it appears Yelawolf is dropping a new project coming and he released a video today called "Bloody Sunday" and that shit was dope!! It's good to see him not only looking healthier but back on his shit! Looking forward to hearing the final project because from what I have heard his stuff is sounding too raw and this the kind of music I wanna hear, barz, cadence and flow sounding right! That's all I got for you all today, but I always want to leave you all with a little something positive. Remember just the simple notion of waking up each morning is a blessing (although I know at 6am that alarm going off doesn't seem like such) and with that you have the same choices to make daily on how your attitude will be. There are three elements in which to digest: an awareness of how far you have come in this life, gratitude for where you are at this moment, and determination to keep striving and pushing for more in the right direction! Take care my loves and until next week, keep it groovy, try to do good, live as purely as you can and never give up on yourself - you got this! ThrowEmC is outta here! #ChiNative #ChicagoBlogger #ChooseYourElementsWisely #ChooseToBeGrateful