Is it almost the weekend? (10/7-10/13) 

Ok, guys I have a little confession, I have been really pressed lately for time and I really couldn't put too much thought this week into my blog but I do like to be consistent maybe not in terms of dropping my blogs on Monday's as I had been doing since I started these blogs but some weeks there really is not enough time to just sit down and focus on writing something slightly entertaining for you all. Truth be told I did have several topics in mind but they were also topics we were going to be discussing in some fashion on Chi-Native Radio so it would make no sense to re-discuss them here with you all (side note if you want to know what we discussed in detail from the radio show on 10/8 head  on over to our facebook page Chi-Native Entertainment to watch the re-cap of the show on 10/8). This week we wrapped up our second installment of Chi-Native Radio on 88.9FM and it has been a lot of fun interacting with you all and we really enjoy the feedback so keep it up guys! Folks that don't pay attention this is for you because we are getting told the radio station doesn't come through on the radio dial so, again I'll explain what's the 411. We have our own radio show now called Chi-Native Radio on 88.9 FM in Lisle, Illinois, now if your in the local Lisle area you should be able to hear us on your radio dial otherwise keep reading for the the best ways to hear/listen/watch us. You can always stream the radio show at or if your an IPhone user they have an app for ESM Radio in the app store simply download it. We also go live on our Facebook page: Chi-Native Entertainment and we do try to look at your comments and interact with you guys during the show. I do want to give a quick shot out to our show producer I.Deal, he really has been putting in the work to make sure we're organized and ready to go every Tuesday. He gets our topics printed out for us and always has the show set organized down to the goodbye that we do. It is crazy how much work really goes into this hour we get, we prepare all week by doing the artist song reviews and then we decide what we'll discuss with you for example, we wanted to do a movie review segment so we all went to see The Joker and after we had to discuss our thoughts. There really is a lot of prep time that goes into the show we put on for you all, we usually all meet up an hour before the show to review the show timeline and topics we will be discussing again and making sure in what order we'll discuss our topics. I am really trying to engage with you all even more so now, so if you go to my IG stories you may see polls or questions and it really helps with our programming to see what you guys are interested in. We know without you all that tune in there would be no show, that we would not have this platform and we couldn't be happier with how things are progressing for us all here at Chi-Native. I have to admit how ecstatic we all are to receive great feedback from you all about how the show is going moving beyond all we can do is get better and better, it truly has been fun doing this and it is so true that when you love what you do it really is never work. We here at Chi-Native are really progressing and making a name for ourselves and it has been more apparent because the last few times when we the crew enters a building or space the host will say "yo, shout out Chi-Native is in the building" that makes me smile from ear to ear since it confirms all my work is actually working - it is not easy but it is so much fun reaching these little milestones for us all! I truly mean it when I say we have so much more we are working on and I can't even believe the things we have accomplished over the last year, truly hyped about our horizons. In wrapping up this week's blog, I always like to remind you guys to take care of one another, show love to one another, extend a warm hello to one another, lend a hand to those in need if and when you can because we never know when we'll be on the other side of needing some extra TLC. You matter even if no one has told you so or made you feel such, you are enough even if you don't feel like enough, your days will not always be dark even if it has felt like such lately-there is always a new horizon daily and your dark days shall pass soon just hold steady. In this day and age remember if you need something speak up because no one can read your internal turmoil, you are never alone there is always someone willing to listen, someone willing to extend a hand, till next week my babes be safe and keep pushing towards your goals because the only thing that sucks more than failure is never even trying! #ChiNative #ThisIsMyBlog #ThrowEmC #ChiNativeRadio #WeeklyBlogger #GivingThanksForAllTheGood

Oh Hey Monday! We Ready? (9/30-10/6) 

Hey ya'll and happy Monday, I hope you all had a great weekend. I started my Saturday off with a mini road trip for my son's college football game which was about 3 hours away. Unfortunately they lost, it was a brutal beating, up till this point they had only lost by some but this game was a major blowout and I know how much it bother's these young men to lose in a such a way but all you can do is re-group and get back to it and prepare for the next game in front of you. Saturday's football game was an all day event as we did not get back into Illinois until well after 10pm and home before midnight. It was a beautiful day though and Indianapolis didn't get the fall weather memo as myself, I.Deal and Mic Logik all wore sweats and long sleeves and it was above 80 degrees throughout the day. Sunday was all about the Bears and preparing for our upcoming Chi-Native Radio show which will be live every Tuesday starting October 1st from 9-10PM on ESM Radio, you can listen at 88.9 FM on your radio dial or stream it at or watch us live via our Facebook page at Chi-Native Entertainment as well as there is an app available for ESM Radio- IPhone users only-you can download via your app store. So this weekend I came across another disgruntled artist that I never heard of that went on a rant that she couldn't do music anymore, that she was tired of not getting the play she felt she deserved and that she was quitting music and taking all her music down from all music platforms. Now she isn't the first that I have heard this from, I also have several local artists here that have done the same thing or at least spoke of doing the same, quitting music, feeling under appreciated and get all in their feelings on Facebook and the thing is I don't care and nor do many others. The real truth and reality is, no one can want this more than you and since when did so many people become such cry babies? I mean why do so many people think this is an overnight process or that they should see fame within a short amount of time? I tell so many people that this music business is a business first and that if you don't learn it and all the aspects that go into it your going to be wasting your time. Artist have to do more than drop a link, post a photo here and there, they need engagement, they need interaction and a steady means of content because without any of that who or why would anyone want to give you their time and attention. This is not an over night journey, we have put more than 15 years into this music thing and we have done so through our own efforts, never asking for handouts, never expecting anything from anyone all while believing in what we were doing and continuing to have faith that our time will come. We have just started to move forward and gain exposure and our brand is highly recognizable now and that is a huge victory for us. I have always believed in I.Deal and Mic Logik and from my first time hearing WRDS perform I knew I wanted him on the roster as well. I decided to take over all the social media and dedicate myself to content and engagement and within a year we have grown so much in recognition alone as well as receiving huge opportunities for ourselves that I couldn't be happier with. I got over the sense of thinking that any work related to Chi-Native was extra or a job and in the year that I have taken over I look forward to creating content, engaging with you all and creating opportunities for all the artists here at Chi-Native. I see daily how many I influence in the reach we have and in looking into our analytics weekly, I must mention how many of you reach out to me in the DM applauding my messages of motivation, positivity and affirmations, thank you all for that because I truly mean it - we all can achieve our own levels of success we just have to be wiling to focus, outwork everyone and put forth the effort daily and anything is possible. I have always had one common factor that has pushed me and that is FAITH,  I have always had faith in the talents these men have, faith in their music and sound, faith in each of them to deliver, faith that if I managed things a little more fiercely that what we could become would be wilder than any dreams I could have dreamt. Now by no means are we rock starts and major celebrities and maybe that won't ever happen, but we all keep pushing and reaching for the stars because we don't believe in limits and we don't believe the clock has run out on us just yet. I look forward to the month of October as fall swings itself into full effect and we begin this next chapter into radio, I look forward to learning and engaging even more with you all and possibly coming to a city near you so that you can experience my solid team of artists live. This week is short and sweet, make sure your following all us us across all our prospective social media pages as well as if you haven't liked our Facebook page - Chi-Native Entertainment please do so in order to watch us live every Tuesday from 88.9 FM. Guys in an ugly world be the beauty that you wish to see and receive, be the light when darkness tries to drown others out and be the reason someone smiles today-it just might save their life. I got mad love for you all that come back and read up on what I say and mad love for all those watching us and praying with us to rise to the top! Its always #ChiNativeBaby #ChiNativeRadio #ThisIsMyBlog #ThrowEmC #WeeklyDrop #FallDownStandBackup #OhMondayOhBoy

It's officially fall - Oh Man! (9/23-9/29) 

Hey there and good day my fam, in case you did not know it is officially fall here in the mid-west and this morning did not disappoint as I walked out in a tank top and shorts, that cool am breeze sent shivers down my spine and I knew immediately it's only downhill here from here in a sense. I do not enjoy fall, for me it means longer days in the dark, many more days inside versus outside, and the cooler weather that comes full speed ahead once October 1st hits is definitely leading us into the winter abyss mode. That said things are always changing around us and we must always adapt to our environments even when they bring such a swivel in change. School for all kids is back in full effect and now we prepare to transition from summer wear to fall wear, football season is in full effect while baseball is winding down thus coming to the seasons end. On that note, the Cubs have not fared as well as many expected especially since we have had a few injuries from key players with the most recent being Bryant. It seems with the recent sweep from the Cardinals we are falling further and further from getting a chance to play in playoffs, as they say, "We'll get em next year." The Bears game was quite exciting to watch and man did we do a great job offensively and defensively. It is always a good time watching our home team as the whole family gathers around to watch a sport we all love. Talking about football, my son had his homecoming this past Saturday and I tailgated for the first time at his school and I must say it was such a good experience minus a miscalculation with a pothole that lead to both myself and my pops taking a tumble. I must say, there was a real sense of community among those that came out to tailgate and everyone laughed and talked with one another. Everyone spoke to everyone, everyone shared their food items, their beverages, and it was awesome to see how some folks really tailgate, I mean we had one family frying up catfish and it was delicious. Now onto the fiasco with me and my dad, long story he arrived sitting on a walker and was going backward while sitting on it and I decided I would help push him, well he got stuck in a pothole that was bigger than we both realized, I went to force him through it and the damn walker collapsed into itself causing us both to fall and let's say it was a spectacle and poor pops was soaked because the pot hole was filled with water from all the rain that came through through prior to his arrival. It is what it is, lesson learned next time I'll just ignore him and let him do it himself and not try to be the daughter of the year, lol. Moving along here, we do have a huge announcement to let you all in on, I have been waiting on I.Deal to finish up a promo for us to launch with the announcement so any day now. We are moving forward with getting a larger presence in the media world and you all shall soon be in on the exciting news. We have had an eventful week thus far, our pup and mascot for Chi-Native got really sick and we had to rush her to the emergency doctor hospital and it is so crazy how doggies are just like children. We still don't know the exacts of what happened but we noticed she started to be very lethargic and not her usual crazy, happy self and then she started to not eat her food and would lay in bed all day. Physically we could see nothing wrong with her other than she wasn't behaving normally and then she started to breath funny and boom outta nowhere this chick had a lump the size of my fist on her neck. She got some medication and the swelling has gone down so much that it is almost hard to find now. She had a high fever and her white blood cell count was higher than normal so she really gave us quite the scare but she is on the mend and acting like her crazy self so that is all gravy. We still have no real answer as to what happened other than she was sick and got an infection that caused a swelling in her lymph node but again almost $700.00 later at least she is well on her way to recovery it seems and this brings me to my next point. Not only do we need universal healthcare for so many American's we also need to figure out a better system of healthcare choices for pets. Now I don't know that I'd throw all pets into this healthcare debate but definitely dogs and cats. It is insane the amount of money it cost to take care of them and God forbid they need real doctor care, the office visits and blood work is like half a weeks paycheck. The funny thing is we pay Bansfield a monthly fee for "insurance" coverage of sorts but the only thing it covers it seems is her wellness checkups and flea medication. There has to be something better and believe me what we pay a month for that coverage isn't a few pennies, in the end what are you going to do but do your best and help these little family members out. We all love her so much so no matter what we're gonna do what we could. So last night (Tuesday) I was continuing my streak of mother of the entire millennium and decided to take my son his dinner and meet him after football practice to drop it off and while I was waiting in my car it completely shut off and would not start. Now the car is only four years old and has less than 35,000 miles on it, well taken care of and obviously I drive very little. It was nine o' clock at night and it wouldn't start from a jump so I had to call a tow truck. Life is funny, if it isn't one thing it's always another and normally I probably would have been so upset by this but I thought 1) the tow is covered by the car company 2) it's not cold (it could be the dead of winter) 3) there was no kind of accident (cuz that's the worst) 4) I was safe in a parking lot 5) whatever is wrong it will get fixed. Life is going to throw you unexpected curves and you have to learn how to roll with what comes at you. I say nothing is easy and a lot of times when things happen many of us allow ourselves to get hyped up over things out of our control, and what is most important to remember is worrying does very little for anyone. Have faith that things will work out, maybe not as you planned, but faith that in the end all things will be just as they were meant to be. I take my car stopping now as a positive because at least I was close to home and not on a road trip that I have planned this weekend because that would have been way worse. We may not be able to control all these outside circumstances but we can always control how we react and see the situations for what they are, sometimes there is a silver lining in all we go through.  That's it for this week's blog post and I hope you all reading this have a fantastic rest of your week and that you and all those you love are blessed, safe and happy! Till next week,  I love your faces and live in the light people, for the dark is too cold and we were meant to smile and share joy. xoxo. #ChiNative #WeeklyBlogger #MyBlog #ThrowEmC #HowsYourWeekBeen #ChaosInTheMix #SeeThroughThingsWithClarity


Mid Week - I'll take that! (9/16-9/22) 

Hello and good day my fellow friends and fam that come back each week to see what I yap about, I really appreciate you. I hope that many of your are feeling good and have been working hard toward your goals and I say this as summer is coming to an end as this coming Monday it will be officially the first day of fall and I'm not readyyyyyy, time is flying past us and this year is almost up. I really am not a fall person and here's why, it gets darker so much earlier, and then the cooler weather brings us closer to winter blasts of cold harsh air, and I find no joy in venturing outside when it's so damn cold. I am one of those people that feels it in their bones when that frigid air hits and it is no fun being outside when that arctic air slaps you in the face. I don't give a damn about pumpkin spice nor do I care for the those damn fall scented candles, nor flannel shirts, ya'll can keep all of that. I prefer long hot summer days, slight breezes under the star filled sky, baseball games and grass under my feet, nothing like summer days and now I'm going to go cry somewhere, lol. Seriously though can we acknowledge that this year has almost flown by us and that is why I started out saying I hope many of you have been working hard on your goals that you said you were going to set at the beginning of the year because just as summer is passing us so are opportunities that we could have had been actively pursuing if we had been out there giving our dreams and goals our all. A lot of people always make excuses for themselves such as I don't have the time, I don't know how to start, I don't know enough about what I want to  do, etc but all those things are just excuses and excuses don't allow for growth, they don't allow for monumental accomplishments and they don't allow you to find your strengths. The reality is if you want to do something and you don't know how, you simply just have to start. In the beginning when I decided to run Chi-Native more on a full time status, I had no clue how to run a website, no clue how I could keep content going for our social media accounts, no clue what we were working towards, no clue how much time I would have to dedicate each day/week to running this business. Ya know what though, I figured it out, I simply started, I set a goal to drop a blog weekly, I decided to figure out how to do my own photo edits, I figured out how to create my unique identity that allowed more engagement from my followers and what I found out about myself is that I am way more capable than I thought. I found that I find so much enjoyment in creating content and in setting goals that I would not have thought possible a year ago. I mean our growth collectively as a team is monumental, we don't buy our streams, we don't buy our followers, we don't buy our views. All our growth is real and not bot made, I wanted to drop a clothing line and I did that, we wanted to create more videos and we did that, we decided to throw our own music festival and we knocked that out of the park, we wanted to add another solid artist to our team and we did that. You see these things just didn't happen over night, I and the team have been setting real goals and creating deadlines to make them happen and I can't believe how far we've come. We also got some more big news coming your way within the next week. Super pumped about the next announcement we will be sharing soon. We will be able to reach an even bigger market within the next few weeks as well as creating opportunities for others and that is what it really is about. I am constantly thinking of bigger and better and what next and man we have some big things in store for us here at Chi-Native. You see so many people get caught up in the nostalgia of "New Year Resolutions" but as the months go by so do the aspirations because simply too many are lazy, scared, unsure and that leads to those goals and dreams fading into an abyss and next thing you know its almost Christmas and your nowhere near where you wanted to be. I encourage you to take the leap and just START, will it be easy, will it happen overnight, will it live up to what you expect? The answers we can't know until we actually do the work and put in the time and let me tell you as this year is winding down fast, Father time isn't waiting for any of us. I am so happy with the way things have been going lately for us here at Chi-Native, once I decided to take the reigns and dedicate myself to this label and my team with no expectations except from myself and with real effort it has been undeniable our reach and the brand recognition we have going now, I mean folks are out there rocking our merchandise in several major cities not to mention they know the name Chi-Native and can recognize who is with the team, I mean if that's not winning I don't know what is. All that has got me smiling from ear to ear. Life is funny, funny how it can break you, funny how it can uplift you, funny how it can have you feeling lost, but only if you allow it. All the good or bad in life, it all will be what it will be, what matters is how we see it and move through it. Life isn't going to always be good, nor bad, nor crazy exciting so we must learn how to deal and accept each stage that we come to, with that said don't wait another day to do what you've said you would do. Don't let another day pass just thinking of what you want to do, go get it. I leave you with this, "earn it, no entitlements, no luck, no hoping, just work for it. Work till you can't work anymore, give it all you got till you don't have anymore, that's all we're promised: effort, give it your all otherwise your just wasting valuable time and those resolutions you might as well stop making. I guarantee nothing will make your prouder than actually putting that foot in front of the other and attacking your goals daily, that ish is life changing because at the end of the day all the good directly happens because of all your efforts and all that you've given of yourself. Till next week take care of yourself and those you love and remember you are so much more powerful and capable than you think - you got this - Now go show the rest of the world you got this! #ChiNative #Blogger #MyBlog #ThrowEmC #HowsYourResolutionComingAlong #WhereYouAt #WorkHard #TackleGoals



Get on your **it, stay on your **it, stay out of **it-Monday 9/9-9/15 

Hey hey ya'll, here we are back at the beginning of the week and I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are ready for all this week's possibilities because I know I sure am. My team and I had an eventful weekend and we kicked off our Friday night continuing to build our brand and expand on new horizons for us as well as having a few people over to just kick back and enjoy these last few weeks of summer because it is quickly moving along. Saturday was all about college football as my son had his season opener and they killed it, his team got the W (31-14) and my son started at center and watching him every play it was obvious he is more than ready for this football season. I couldn't be more proud to watch him show out and show up, it is crazy the amount of time and work he has given to football and he proved himself so equipped! The entire family like always was there to watch and cheer him and his team on, undeniably a good game. Offense was doing their thing and defense obviously held their own as well to keep the opposing team from coming back! We went from one high to another as I.Deal and Mic Logik also had a private performance which was by invite only and if you missed it, you truly missed out because we had a fantastic time. I want to talk about winning in this week's blog. Winning means: the act of a person or thing that wins. Now I think many people would think of winning in terms of monetary but I don't necessarily tie winning to just a monetary form, I believe winning has more to do with life and how your leading it. My son for example waited 2 years to get that starting position, he didn't complain once, he held his head high and he did everything that was asked/expected of him. He was asked to drop weight, he was asked to try several different positions, he was asked to get faster, he was also expected to carry a certain GPA and he did it all with grace and composure and not once did he complain. Matter of fact he told me, I know my time is coming, I'll do whatever needs to be done because I know what I'm capable of. I believed him every step of the way, and seeing his performance at the opener and his smile that gleamed from is face at the end of the game was so magical because he did that, he pushed through all the obstacles in front of him and earned what he knew was his, that is winning. Now the team and I (I.Deal and Mic Logik) had a private by invite only event as I said above where they got to perform and it has become apparent they are finally getting the recognition they deserve, they too have put in years into this art and even when they were told by many to stop or why do you keep doing this, they never once faltered in believing in themselves and why they continue to do music. They had a few fans there and I say that because they have shown up to several of the last events and commented on how much they are digging the music and the vibes of Chi-Native and how I.Deal and Mic Logik get down on stage. I also had other artist tell me they are the ones to watch, you have no idea what that means to me. I have been working hard for the last year at building this brand and bringing you guys more content and trying to give you some insight into us and really get a feeling for who and what we represent. This is winning to me, ya'll are taking notice and not to mention I am in a way influencing others around us to step up their game and make changes all in a positive direction. Folks are watching and I'm here for it, if you watching then I'm doing something right so catch me grinning form ear to ear, I'm winning the teams winning. I got so much in store for you guys and in store for Chi-Native, I have always told you all that anything is possible but you must be willing to put in the work and sometimes it's just a matter of time before your number is called, the reality is nothing happens overnight and we all gotta pay the dues. I am super excited about signing WRDS to Chi-Native and we got something huge we are working on collectively with all three artist and something even bigger on the horizon nevertheless until it's confirmed I'm gonna keeps that in the bag. My team is winning, my son is winning and what that really means is we been on our shit, we staying on our shit, and we keep our moves to ourselves! Life is moving fast and we got the mustang ready to keep pace with it. I am going to drop photos from this weekend so keep on the lookout for those on our photo page as well as some footage from this weekend's by invite only event at The Fallout Shelter. Life is moving fast, try and keep up otherwise you'll be like a drunk ass tying to find they keys lost and struggling. Always leaving you all with something positive for the week: stay up even when it looks meek because there is always a new horizon every day, never ask why me because you came to it to get through it on a higher vibration, there is always a reason even when we don't quite know why. Take care of yourself, stay where your wanted and loved and leave whatever hurts you or doesn't work for you behind because we all deserve so much more. Till next week, let's all keep winning and striving for higher and higher vibrations xoxo #ChiNative #AreYouWinning #MyBlog #ThrowEmC #NewWeekLetsGo #VibrateHigher

Who else needed one more day? Happy Thursday. (9/3-9/9/9) 

Well hello and how the heck are you all on this Thursday? I would like to start off by saying when my alarm went off this morning I sure thought about calling in sick because I just really wanted to stay in bed and I know I'm not alone in this thought most mornings. On that note, obviously it was just a thought because we all know life isn't like that and work is a necessity, hence here I am writing you all a little something today. Ya'll ever had a friend or friendships that at some point put you in an awkward position? Do you have or know someone who likes to play the field even though they are in a fully committed relationship? It is crazy to me how any man or woman can go for a long period of time and not know that their partner is playing outside of their relationship but then again sometimes people chose to ignore it because they don't know how to value themselves and what they deserve. Now I am by no means anyone who wants get involved in your relationships or how two people interact with one another. I tend to keep my opinions to myself in regards to whether I like or dislike how one partner treats another or vice versa especially when I am friends with one or both parties because its is none of my business unless we are talking about physical abuse then I most certainly will speak up and get involved. I feel my two cents into other people's relationships does not matter because in the end good, bad, to stay or go, is always going to be between the two people that are involved with each other and change does not happen unless someone gets tired of the bullshit. Lets get into it, I had a friend that chased anything that walked past him without a thought and then go home as if he has done nothing wrong again not my problem so I do not judge because it is not my home or my relationship. Now even when we started to hang out and we hung out daily, I didn't even know for over a two year period that he was a married man, we ran the streets and bars like wild young folks back in the day when I met him and not to mention he had a girlfriend he brought around the group whom he constantly cheated on. Now I guess what I am getting at here is, even through the marriage, the girlfriends, the side chicks on top of the side chicks, I never interfered because it was not my issue or responsibility and let's be honest if I did try to tell any one of the women they wouldn't believe me anyway nor do I want to deal with them saying that I was lying. The one thing I had always made clear was do not include me in your lies because I would not be covering up for you in anyway. This was my only stipulation in our friendship, what and how you do things is your business not mine just keep me out of your lies and we good, because he thought of himself as a player and I told him then play on but don't involve me. Having said that, we maintained a close friendship for years through divorce, countless breakups and again how he chose to live his life was not a concern of mine. As time moved on and things changed so did the fact that we hung out a lot, mostly because I was busy being a mom and him well he was busy doing him, we had not hung out for a few months and then he resurfaced and when he did he had a new relationship and a new place. He invites me over to hang out and meet his new lady, we hang out and while drinking and playing cards at some point his new lady says, "you guys are really close, he is always at your house."  Me at this point I'm drunk I'm like, "who, my house?" I said, "girl I ain't seen this fool in about a month" and then I get kicked in the leg. She then proceeds to ask me didn't he spend the night at your house, me being drunk, "that fool lying to you" and I'm laughing hysterically and again this fool kicks me under the table. It wasn't until that 3rd kick I realized who was doing it and why, and then I said let's get outta here and he jumps on that opportunity and we all head out in silence. We proceed to hang out the rest of the night/early am and when it was time to drop me off he leans in my ear to whisper, "your a horrible friend." We have not spoken since and we often see each other at a specific location. The thing here I don't understand is his willingness to put blame on me as if I did something wrong, he knew I wouldn't lie for him, I have never done so in the past, so why would I now! He had basically set me up and it was obvious he had been using me as a cover for a while even though we had not been hanging out for some time.  All this aside, I don't feel at a loss for this friendship because if we were true friends he would have never implied he was with me when he was not nor would he have put me in a situation where he thought I would lie for him. He is a small man that uses "stuff" to make himself feel better, always in designer brands, always telling stories about shit we all know is just bullshit and talking about how wealthy he is. Let me be clear if you meet someone like him and can't tell he is a bullshitter then in my opinion you deserve the trail of tears he'll leave you in, seriously because your either slow or completely naive. I still find it comical to this day his reaction and his idea that he had done nothing. I can't say I care because the truth is I don't, I don't care about women or men who choose to be blind, I don't care to be around people that don't own their truths and I know in the end our friendship couldn't have held any value since he assumed I would go along with what he was lying about and put me in such an awkward position. I've seen it time and time again when a woman tries to be honest with the girlfriend or wife the friend is automatically the bad guy, or jealous, or wants their man and vice versa if you try to tell a guy his lady is cheating your the enemy. You won't find me jumping into that space and dealing with the bullshit, I live and let live, you choose ignorance, you don't read the signs that's all on you and you alone. I don't have the time to figure out why someone does the things they do nor am I here to be their guide and dismantle their demons for them because the reality is we are the way we are because of our life's experiences and if we as individuals understand we had a shady past or experiences that make us do or act a certain way then it is up to you, to them to own their own bullshit and make necessary changes because in the end it is you and only you that lives and leads your life and all your downfalls are your own because of your actions. I know for a fact this guy continues to do things his way and that's cool and fine but every time I see him I make sure to give him eye contact so he know I know - dude you ain't never gonna be shit and you getting real old real fast and it's hilarious because he knows I know him better than most and he simply turns away every time. I value me, I value what I bring to any table, I value being honest and having integrity, I value being a decent human being and most importantly if I call you a friend I know no one else has your back like I do (well again I won't lie for your cheating ass lol) and in the end he lost way more than I did. I have my values, I have my own back and I continue to reap blessings in my life because I stay in my lane and I worry about myself and mine. I hope whomever is reading this knows that you don't have to cover for your friends lies, and can you really call them friends if they put you in situations that are awkward? Bottom line is people don't change unless they acknowledge they need to change and that is A-Ok, because if your smart you'll keep it moving and their web of lies always catches them leaving them looking alone in the wind. I hope you all have an amazing rest of the week, tonight is the Bears first game of the season so my entire family will be watching joyfully because let's be real -  Football is life. To top it off my son has his 1st season opener game this Saturday and the entire family is so ready to watch him kill it. Till next week guys as always love yourself, love your neighbors, take care of your family, your kids most importantly remember family over everything because your little family is the best team you could ever have. Be Safe and that's all this week folks! #Chi-Native #Weekly #Blog #MyBlog #ThrowEmC #Ackward #AreWeFriendsTho


Hey Monday - We see you! (8/26-9/1) 

Hello my fam and happy Monday on this gloomy rainy day! My goodness it has been a very busy couple of weeks and with that I just didn't have time to sit down and get to the blogs like I normally do on Monday's. We have been really busy here at Chi-Native, we threw our first music festival on 8/17, then I celebrated my birthday all last week (it was on Wednesday) so I had many meet up's throughout the week, on top of all that I.Deal and myself decided on a whim to initiate our podcast so we recorded that on Friday night and it was uploaded Saturday. We also have new merchandise that we have just acquired and I will be uploading that this week sometime before Friday. I.Deal and Mic Logik have a show coming up on the 7th and this event is a private event which is by invite only, so if you would like to come to this exclusive event then you may leave a comment on this post or hit us up via email on the contact us tab or as we all love options you may hit us up in our DM via instagram for more information. We are coming off an extreme high with having successfully organizing our 1st ever music festival "Music In The Woods" and you had better believe we are already working on next years festival and we guarantee it will be bigger and better. We said it before but the festival really came from a place where we wanted to prove we didn't need to wait for anybody to give us a lane to do our thing and that if we had chosen to start this endeavor with a music festival that we indeed could get it done. We also again talked about this on our first podcast which we debuted on Saturday 8/24 and gotta say we definitely proved we can do anything we set our minds to. The festival took months of planning and I learned so much along the way, truly was experience and a lot of work, I believe it took me several days to recover from all the work that went into the days leading up to the event and the actual day of the event. All good and positive experiences for myself and my team, the video promos we did, the voice over work I.Deal did for the promos, and in general all the promoting we all did every day leading to 8/17, truly blessed that each of us commits and goes all in to get things done. One thing we didn't talk about much was our after party which we held close to the festival, and so many of the artists came through and again we just kicked it, music playing, folks enjoying a libation or two and we had the smoke circles going as well. All in all a great experience and so thankful everything went according to plan and we had no issues on the day of the event. I was asked at dinner last week during the middle of the week what was next for us and I was like what isn't next, I mean I have so many things planned as of now, we are working on how to get more apparel out to constant supporters at an effective cost as well as start booking more shows out of state, adding more content where our followers/supporters can really get a feel for each of us individually and who we are outside of a post and that is why we started the podcast. I.Deal has been feeling so inspired lately and is currently working on some new music and we can't wait to continue to grow and build our lanes like we have been doing since the start of Chi-Native. We also will have a recap video all about Music In The Woods Music Festival dropping sometime this week, so be on the lookout for that as well. We live by the motto that anything is possible but you have to be willing to put up the effort and work so as I close this blog out this week I want to remind each and everyone of you that you are capable of so much more. I want to remind everyone that you may not know how to start something whether that's a business, festival, clothing line, etc but you will learn by just starting. Starting is always the hardest part because of all the uncertainty but I can assure you that if you go all in that you can and will achieve what you set out to do. Major point as well, it is imperative you find a team that is willing to build with you because they believe in you, they believe in your cause and they do so because they want to and they expect nothing in return. Once a solid team and like minded individuals link up there is no stopping what can be achieved. You guys, I'm always looking for feedback or topic discussions and we can use either for the podcast and blogs simply drop us a message in the contact us tab here on the website and of course we will keep you anonymous. I always like to leave you guys with something good so here goes: live everyday with a purpose, dream big, surround yourself with goal minded folks and take care of your tribe and watch how life manifests good things to and through you, until next week take care of yourselves and live in the light! XOXO #ChiNative #MyBlog #ThrowEmC #LifeIsGood #MusicInTheWoods2019 #WhatsNext 

Music In The Woods Recap  

Hey there folks, so we did it. Just doing what we do best and continuing to bring you all different ways to connect and get to know us more, with that being said we have (I.Deal & myself ThrowEmC) recorded our first ever podcast just last night. So we recap our 1st ever Music In The Woods Music Festival that happened just last Saturday 8/17. Hope you guys enjoy listening to us and any feedback or comments we'll take them. We will continue to keep finding ways to connect and entertain you all, thanks so much as always, and we continue to look forward to growing our media presence and engagements with all of you who continue to support us and rock with us! #ChiNative #FirstPodcast #Idealraps #ThrowEmC

Happy Good Day My Beauties 8/5-8/11 

Well, well, well here we are again my good people and thank you again for always stopping in to see what the hype's about. I didn't get a chance last week to enter a new blog post as we are super busy over here gearing up for our next major event "Music In The Woods" Festival. I am super excited to see this event come together and really excited to see all those that come out and see what these talented artists have to offer. It is funny that when we are out promoting for the event how many people ask, "is this really in the woods?" My answer is always the same - yes it's at the forest preserve, lol. So, for those of you that don't know I would like to give you insight as to what brought this about and why we decided to do this event. Many people in the industry know that it really is all about your numbers over all and your following but for many artists that stay true to themselves being in the public eye and constantly sharing post just isn't their thing and that doesn't always allow you opportunities on a grander scale especially in regards to music festivals and larger scale music events. I mean it is common for an artist who has been struggling for years to gain popularity and a following to just happen to strike luck with a song or a particular image or event surrounding them and then everything changes. Does it come down to luck? Sometimes absolutely and sometimes it is pure perseverance and that will to never quit that gets you to where you want to be in regards to your craft. I.Deal and Mic Logik have been at this music thing for almost 2 decades and never once have they questioned do they have what it takes? They definitely are not interested in music politics, nor do they buy followers or buy streams, everything they have done they have done through their own efforts and following locally here in Chicago. That said when I started to promote them more and handle all their bookings we got into so many different conversations with festival promoters stating they haven't heard of them or their music or that they don't have a huge following but what is so funny is in that same scenario we have been to festivals or larger scale music events with acts we have never heard of and their performers at the event perform over their backtracks with just several dudes standing on a stage with them. So if you have the numbers but no real fans at the venue, why do numbers always matter more, professionalism and stage presence should always be the leading factor in picking artist, so you would think. I.Deal had spoken in the past about wanting to have his own festival and had talked about it for the last 2 years and together as a team at Chi-Native we decided now is the time and to do it. Chi-Native teamed up with AO Marketing & Promotions and they as well were determined to have a festival so we joined forces because both teams believe not only in each other but also in the talent that is here in Chicago. We believe in all those that have been grinding at this music and steady putting out work and both teams felt it was time to show others you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. In this world you either sit back and wait or you wake up and decide what you will do daily to reach your goals or vision. It truly is our passion for good music that drives us daily, we live music, we breathe music and we enjoy the creativity that comes forth through music. In addition we can always appreciate the grind behind every artist out here doing their best to bring their music to the masses. That said, our festival "Music In The Woods" is all about proving those that said we couldn't and that we wouldn't that our word is our bond and we truly believe here at Chi-Native that anything is possible as long as you never give up. This festival for us as a label means we are capable of anything we decide to do. We know that for every artist on this bill it also means an opportunity to play for potential new fans. The reality is also, if not now, then when? The biggest hope we have at Chi-Native Entertainment is that everyone involved enjoys themselves, we only want to continue to get bigger and better and this is only the beginning. We can't thank you enough, if you follow us, bought merchandise from us. stream the music, watch our you tube channel (Idealraps) and those coming out to the show 8/17, you have no idea how much your support means to all of us - we thank you, we love you, we appreciate you. Till next week, with all the ugly this happening in this world, all the hate that is in the light be the opposite. Smile towards your fellow brother and sister, lend a hand or ear to those in need, speak up when awful and gross things are said or done in your presence, stand firm with the notion we are more alike than we are different. We will always be greater together united than torn and divided. Do better, be better and keep pressing forward! #ChiNative #ThisIsMyBlog #ThrowEmC #MusicInTheWoods

Hi and Hello on this fine Tuesday - Lets Talk Pure Michigan 

Hello my little fam of followers on this fine Tuesday. So last week I was M.I.A as I went away for a 4 day get away with the whole family. Just recently my pops has retired and it has been years since we as a whole family went camping and both my parents expressed a desire to do so and with that I went into plan mode. I kind of feel like I don't want to share this little piece of heaven but it was absolutely gorgeous where we went. It was a little under a 6 hour drive from Illinois to Torch Lake Michigan and to be honest the drive wasn't horrible. I grew up camping so for me it's a great time, I have no problem sleeping in a tent and just sitting around conversing and enjoying your family's company, it really is a great way to connect, enjoy the outdoors and bring the family together. We stayed at Barnes Campground and this particular camp site wasn't big and it wasn't like some of your typical campgrounds that may have a recreation lobby or a pool, this camp ground was directly located along the beach and we were lucky enough to find a campsite not only next to the restroom/shower facility but we were merely steps away from the beach front access. The Barnes Park beach was gorgeous and on out first day there the beach water was a little rough but it was so nice to see my pops, my son and youngest brother all laughing and wrestling (basically being boys) just genuinely enjoying themselves, It was a warm day the first day we arrived but there was not a lot of sun and we did not decide to hit the water until around 6pm so the water was definitely on the cool side but they all seemed to enjoy themselves, I watched and took pictures from the sidelines and just walked along the shoreline. I will say the one thing about camping is the unpredictability that comes in regards to the weather. We arrived around noon and we had just started to set up the tent and within 15 minutes it starts to downpour on us and since this was a new tent we were attempting to set up there was trial and error and a mad dash to try and cover the open roof before we ourselves had a soggy indoor tent. Some frustration and re-attempts at setting the foundation right but we finally got it and the rain had ceased and then of course here comes the mosquitoes and man do they come in droves after a rainfall and ya need layers on top of layers before they leave ya alone. We spent the next day Friday at the beach and it was an amazing day, sun was out, weather was warm and the cool lake felt amazing on such a sunny hot day. It is so nice to see so many people with their families enjoying themselves and each other. Spent all evening under the stars, enjoying the fire pit and making smores, there is nothing quite like family time and I really enjoyed the fact that our phones didn't get great reception because it forces those around you to actually put the phones down for a minute and get back to just talking and interacting with one another again. Saturday came and with that also came the rain, it rained all day on us but again we made the best of it, sat under our canopy around the picnic table we played spades, listened to music, it may have been very rainy but we held up under our canopy and again just enjoyed each other's presence. On a mission run me for some playing card earlier in the day when the rains had let up for a slight minute my youngest brother and I came across winery 1914 not more than 10 minutes from our campsite and we decided to give them a visit later in the evening. We made our way at around 6:30 pm to the winery and it was so much fun and let me be the first to say I don't love wine but this spot really surprised us all. My youngest brother and I took our mom and dad and we sampled their wines and ciders all which were very good and not sweet surprisingly, we played multiple games of Jenga and we each bought a bottle of wine to take with us. We stayed a little past eight, truly had a great time and simply ended the night around the campfire again just talking and laughing, and lucky for us the rain stayed away and we stayed dry all night. I specifically picked this area because of Torch Lake and it's beautiful Caribbean like waters and on Sunday since the skys opened up and the sun came out we packed our campsite up and headed there which was about a 30 minute drive and stayed there for about an hour. It did not disappoint -  it was stunning blue water, crystal clear and just amazing. I am going to go back before the summer ends that's how wonderful it was. Torch Lake is truly heaven here in the Mid-West and if you ever are looking for good family fun and have a love for the water than this is the spot! All in all this was an amazing get away filled with laughter, good eats and quality family time and memories that will last a lifetime. Family is everything and we will not get forever with those we love the most, so take the time every now and again to truly just be with one another and be present. Until next week take care of yourselves and all those that matter to you xoxo. #ThisIsMyBlog #ThrowEmC #WeekendGetaway #Blogger #Travel #Explore #PureMichigan #TorchLake