Well Hello Tuesday! Another week in review. 3/18-3-24 

Sorry guys we are a day behind on this week's blog, nonetheless here we are today! I thought I would have time to get the blog done at some point yesterday but it just wasn't in my cards. We had a really busy Monday, we went from being in the studio for over seven hours to having a show last night and man does two hours of sleep not go very far. I am a little worse for wear today but all things good won't come easy nor can you make waves sleeping all the time,so lets get in to it. We are gonna get into the past weeks revelations and honey the felony tea that has spilled, by now many of you should have heard or read the news regarding the pay for college entry scam that has happened. What made headlines more wasn't the fact alone parents had paid for their children to receive higher SAT scores it was the high profile names that were attached to this scandal. Two most prominent names at the moment that were exposed were Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin and it's comical at best to have read some of the things that Lori Loughlin's husband Mossimo Giannulli has said in the past. Outlets stated he had before said that too many people were entitled and did not work hard enough to earn their spot in this life. I mean the irony in his statement alone, and it has always been said that Lori Loughlin was very vocal in how great her two daughters were, they were so great that not only did her and her husband pay $500,000 to get both their daughters into USC they also faked them both being rowers which enabled them to gain special athletic admission to USC. They spent big money on getting their daughters just getting into college and whom now have both dropped out since the news broke. I know as a parent we all want what's best for our children but that definitely wasn't it. How sad that their parents didn't believe in them enough to get into a school on their own merits. How sad they lied and cheated the system to advance their own children's lives while taking away from so many others that would have rightfully been admitted. I wrote a while back about choices and that sometimes we can make the wrong choices that come back to haunt us and sometimes those life choices have lasting, life altering consequences.  The parents involved, those that profited, the cheaters, the students all of them are now facing some very tough decisions and hard life lessons, but truth is, you reap what you sow and whatever you do in the dark will always come to light. That whole mess is a one way ticket to sad town, byeeeee. Yooooo, so last blog I said I was going to see Captain Marvel and that I had no expectations either way because at the time there were so many biased opinions floating around opening week. I got to watch the movie last Tuesday and let me say I thought it was a terrific movie, great action, decent dialogue, Captain Marvel herself was witty, funny, strong all things needed to attract you to a character and keep you interested in their story. I don't really understand why so many haters were out there trolling but you can't please everyone. To me she seemed like a total bad ass, she had that not gonna quit attitude down pat and to not give away anything to those who may have not seen it, towards the end of the movie she totally owned herself. I stayed awake and remembered to speak on it, it's a win situation lol. I recommend the movie if you haven't seen it already. In other news I.Deal completed his last two tracks for his upcoming album #GAINZ and we here at Chi-Native are super excited about this project and getting it out to you all! We shot more visuals yesterday as well for the next (2) music videos we have in the works. Many should know by now we dropped the music video last week for I'm All In and we had mentioned I.Deal was going to drop a new single on 3/15 but with the release of the music video we as a team decided to let ya'll marinate on the music video for a week, that said this Friday 3/22 be on the lookout! Next single to drop is #BUILTFORTHIS and your gonna wanna hear this one as well. I do want to briefly acknowledge and thank the so many of you whom have reached out, watched, commented on our latest video - the love has been felt on that one for real! You guys truly are great and letting us know what we are doing over here is working, and we got more goodness all around coming. That's it for this week folks, as always be easy, take care of yourself and those around you, and keep pushing - you got this! #ChiNative #ChicagoBlogger #Indie #NewBlog 


Aye - Monday is here! Week 3/11-3/17 

Hello and good day to you all that return and check these blogs week after week. I am finally feeling like myself after having a horrible cold for about a week and a half. All I can say about that is, good riddance because that was a whole week and then some of torture and let me tell ya I haven't had a cold like that since I was a teenager and that was many many moons ago. This week's blog really isn't gonna focus on too much of any one topic, I mean the government still don't got their shit together, Agent Orange is now seeking 8.6 billion dollars for a border wall. Like why the hell does he keep increasing the cost, we as a country could do so much more with 8.6 billion dollars than a damn wall but none the less, stupid is as stupid does. Manafort got 47 months for all his indictments while a child who was 12 years old was arrested for selling CD's in a mall and looking at several years in prison, the woman who voted early received 5 years in prison, someone who was selling marijuana received life in prison - not much to acknowledge there again other than our justice system isn't set up equally and we are bombarded by that truth day in and day out. Moving along, I am looking forward to checking out that new Captain Marvel movie which I will be doing tomorrow since it's half off Tuesday's at the theater, because I ain't paying full price for nothing anymore! So expect me to give my review next week on that, I know I have seen too many mixed reviews and most of it I'm sure is just from self loathing haters who just can't wrap their heads around a woman getting a leading role again as a super hero, but we shall see. In music video news, I have been patiently waiting for the final edits to come together for the "I'm All In" video which I.Deal dropped the song a little over a month ago. The video should be done any day now. There is one thing I get irritated with which is the waiting game, but video editing is not my area of expertise so not much I can do about that. We have reached almost  800 views organically on our song "I'm All In" I mean may not be big numbers to others but for us that is great news, it's been amazing to see and hear people's reactions to the song. I.Deal's album is coming along nicely and he hits the studio one more time on the 18th to finish his 2 final recordings and then it's package and get ready for his release date which we have pushed back by a few months as the recording studio we work at had a relocation and upgrades done. They say though all good things come to those who wait and I'll give you all a little insight, I.Deal is going to drop another single this Friday the 15th and this next single is straight fire, so you read it here first folks! Moving right along, so we all have heard by now JLO and A-Rod are engaged but many may have not seen or heard that apparently Jose Conseco had a few choice words of caution for JLo and he is claiming A-Rod has been cheating for a while now on her, he even went as far as to post his cell phone number on twitter telling her to give him a call. That was silly on Jose Conseco's part that tweet with his phone number has since been deleted but I did re-post all the sloppiness yesterday evening on my twitter feed as well. As of today at least all the other tweets remain on his timeline with his latest saying he'd agree to a polygraph test so idk, but damn that woman truly loves love. True or not her relationships all have ended in one way or another by her not fully trusting her man she is with and most of the time it is due to their wondering eye per many media outlets, either way wishing her the best, I mean she still a baddy and her 400 million worth says she definitely gonna be A-OK regardless of what happens. In other news as well it appears Yelawolf is dropping a new project coming and he released a video today called "Bloody Sunday" and that shit was dope!! It's good to see him not only looking healthier but back on his shit! Looking forward to hearing the final project because from what I have heard his stuff is sounding too raw and this the kind of music I wanna hear, barz, cadence and flow sounding right! That's all I got for you all today, but I always want to leave you all with a little something positive. Remember just the simple notion of waking up each morning is a blessing (although I know at 6am that alarm going off doesn't seem like such) and with that you have the same choices to make daily on how your attitude will be. There are three elements in which to digest: an awareness of how far you have come in this life, gratitude for where you are at this moment, and determination to keep striving and pushing for more in the right direction! Take care my loves and until next week, keep it groovy, try to do good, live as purely as you can and never give up on yourself - you got this! ThrowEmC is outta here! #ChiNative #ChicagoBlogger #ChooseYourElementsWisely #ChooseToBeGrateful


A day late - Tuesday - How you feel? Week 3/4-3/10 

Hello folks and thank you to those who come back and read up on what I gotta say week after week. I always post on Monday's but I have had a dreadful cold the last 5 days and I am still in the midst of fighting it but today is a little better than yesterday so I decided to go ahead and knock out my blog today for this week. I have said it before but for those who may be new to my blog, this blog is done entirely by me (@ThrowEmC) and my topics will vary from week to week and it usually has to do with what sticks out most in my mind throughout the week or hot topics that I follow up on because I stay on top of pop culture and that most likely is just a result of how much I am on social media either creating content or just trying to connect with you folks. I want it clear that what I write is all my own words, my own reflections and my own opinions and has nothing to do or reflect on any artist Chi-Native represents and I say this because this weeks topic will deal with politics and I know for so many it can be a touchy topic but I just can't always keep quiet because for me that would mean I am complicit in all the wrong doings that go on and that just isn't me. It seems sometimes in life your reminded about how ugly people can be, how hateful and how privileged so many can feel. This has been more than evident in the last year since this President took office. I often try to stay away from the "media' in regards to all the political news that is going on because in reality it saddens and infuriates me to see so many of a certain type of people wanting and needing greed and power more and more at any cost. It is so hard to see how much hate is out and open in the world today and that so many have to face daily and how horrible humans are becoming towards one another based on race, sexual orientation, even questioning green card/visa status from folks that seem "Hispanic". I simply can't fathom the world these certain folks live in on a daily basis, so out of touch with so many of us, so out or reality with how things work day to day for so many of us and the constant struggles so many of us face. I mean when the top 3% or wealthy class state they don't understand why folks are going to food banks to get food instead of going to the store directly and making some kind of deal is beyond me! Like where the hell does that happen or would it be acceptable because I don't ever know of anyone in line at the grocery store without enough money striking a deal and walking out with all their food. The dude that stated this wears $500 custom slippers and often falls asleep in meetings with his constituents, yet you mean to tell me he has worked harder his entire life than those struggling and working day in and day out, paycheck to paycheck?  Or when it was stated again by another wealthy person in a position of power that he didn't understand why folks were going broke and that is was silly because they should just go get a loan and so what if they have to pay back a little interest (because getting a loan is so easy,right?). I couldn't believe someone could be so void carrying such a idiotic notion that people were choosing to be broke and somehow blaming the hard working folks so advertently affected by the government shut down. How insanely out of touch with reality for so many, how insane of an inaccurate ideology of decency and moral obligations to human beings whom have family, loved ones, caring for sick, for elderly, etc, to blame them for their current situations and then say they are making a great sacrifice for our country when those same wealthy are not struggling with finances and not worried about their bills and how to pay them or feed their own children. It is crazy that those same elite believe that healthcare isn't needed by all Americans and so what big pharma charges what they charge and this government sits by idle as many Americans watched their loved ones die as a result of price gouging and cutting medical on those that need it the most. It infuriates me that this America shouts education all while allowing colleges to continually raise tuition upwards of $50,000 and up and works along side the banks and student loans to further bury these same young people with such huge debt to which there is no end in sight and when graduation happens these same folks spend decades barely making ends meat just to pay back these loans. This angers me and makes my blood boil and when that starts to happen I have to hold onto my own moral and values and decency and distance myself from it. Oh believe me, I acknowledge the shit out of it, I am tired of the corruption for power, greed and money, the blatant hate speeches that are given in regards to minorities and their rights to be here in America, the jerks that scream at Hispanics speaking in their Native tongue inside of a Mexican restaurant telling them to go back to their country, the senseless killing of Black men, the obvious disregard for human life if your skin tone is not white, and again the illegal justice system where a minority/person of color is instantly deemed a menace and vilified but if your skin tone is white many try to justify those same individuals as lost, not mentally stable, misguided or misunderstood. I am tired of the wealthiest group of individuals down talking and shaming hard working Americans as if we're the problem and to blame because we want decent wages, job security, healthcare, social security and education for our children - I mean how dare we the hard working Americans that get up day in and day out for 45-60 years of our lives, how dare we want these simple things, I mean are we not the same, do we not bleed the same, do we not make this country run day in and day out? It made my blood boil to hear an elderly couple talking about how they just filed taxes, 1 had recently retired and the other retires in a few months but upon filing taxes because exceptions where taken away they would owe the government $7500.00, how, how can that be acceptable? How can any government say that is ok, how can you target such a delicate group of  individuals whom will shortly be living on a fixed income? It is disgusting absolutely disgusting. I am in no way anti any person, or any group that are decent human beings, we are all one, we all must live in unison together and we must all learn to respect one another. The most important thing that should matter in governing this "America" should always be to think of the greater good for all people, the greater good of all society, of all people, not the wealthy, the elite, or the racists that deem themselves the better "pure" race as if their was such a thing. We all have a story, we all have had hardships but these times have increasingly created an even harder reality for so many good "Americans" and I just want you all to know it matters what we think, it matters that we speak up, it matters that we say No to an uneven justice system, and it matters we vote!  We must continue to look toward our neighbors as our brothers and sisters and lean on one another and not allow that small percent of hate groups, the elite folks to feel like they are winning. We must all do our part to engage in open conversation, to aid those in need, to address changes that need to happen now and to be the voice for our future generations so that their is actually a future for us all. I hope this weeks blog creates some much needed conversations within your groups whether that's family, friends, co-workers and even if we disagree can we agree we are all human and at its root we all need the same thing - love, compassion, equality and a chance to do better in all our lives regardless of our backgrounds and where we come from! Sending wishes to you all of light, love and peace and keep fighting the good fight my people! xoxo ThrowEmC! #BridgeTheGap #WeAreOne #DemandChange #DemandEquality 

Hola My Peeps! Brr its cold & It's Monday :-) Week 2-25-3/3 

Well hello again my dears and Happy Monday to you all! It was a very quiet weekend for myself on all fronts and with that I spent a good amount of time relaxing and getting some much needed rest. There were several naps on deck throughout my weekend and I needed it more than I thought, that said I woke up ready and refreshed this morning. So much went on this past week/weekend, I mean from the whole Jodyn Woods fiasco to Chicago cleaning house this weekend. Everything that happened this past weekend and why I want to discuss it as it ties and relates to life lessons. The type of life lessons that are painful and stay with you a lifetime, the type of life lessons that change the course of ones life and alters their tomorrows.  Speaking first on this whole Jussie Smollett fiasco, I don't even have words for the whole scenario that has played out. I will say tho I really did find it hard to believe that here in Chicago, the only city that kicked agent orange out and would not allow him to speak a few years ago would have open wearing Maga hat folks walking around our downtown city area. I mean if your from Chicago you would understand, we here in this city have no love for agent orange so anyone walking around sporting his "Make America Great Again" hat would be walking around enduring a lot of unwanted attention. I don't want to believe that Mr. Smollett would do what he did just because he was unhappy with his salary but again humans sometimes just ain't right. He will live for the rest of his life with the repercussions of what he did and if he thought he was going to boost his career sadly he was mistaken and now he is going to have to learn the hard way with this painful life lesson. Mr. Smollett might have been living here but I guess he forgot about all the camera's this city has installed throughout the Chicagoland area. How sad that someone would push the agenda of a hate crime to benefit themselves and for money, that damn money be the root of all evil. This man didn't once think of his family and what they would endure, he didn't think once how each of his siblings bags would be affected either? So many scenarios that didn't seem right, I will not judge the man, he has the world doing enough of that, but this life lesson will burn more than any judgement. He will live with the ramifications of his actions for the rest of his life, this will never go away and people's judgement of him will linger regardless of what he tries to accomplish moving forward. Hot mess and speaking of hot mess's lets briefly talk about Mr. R. Kelly, I don't know how any adult could want to defend or even be around a man well known for being a pedophile. I mean lets call it what it is, he is a pedophile and prefers young girls and takes advantage of them. He plays on those not be strong minded, he prays on those looking for attention from anyone. I remember when his fist sex tape leaked and some of that footage became public that man did unspeakable things to a child, it was obvious the girl in the video was a young girl and it was more than obvious it was R. Kelly especially when someone interrupted and called his name and he responded. I never after seeing such images listened intentionally to another song of his, I never bought another CD from him, I never supported anything that man did because I know right from wrong and his musical genius did not mean shit to me after seeing those public images back then. Mr. Kelly's actions have finally caught up to him and he has spent the whole weekend in lock up because he can't post bail, the irony in that is comical at best. His biggest and hardest life lesson is on its way, this life lesson whether he accepts it or not will hit him hard and there will be no comeback from this one. No mater how many times you bathe yourself to wash away your filthiness, if your filthy your character remains filthy, there is nothing to cover that stench. It has been a week of weeks and we early into 2019 ya'll, last but not least, I gotta speak on this whole Jordyn Woods scenario. I mean, if this girl hasn't been bit by a hard life lesson this week, child I know her world seems in shambles! I must say, there is just too much to speak on regarding this whole for lack of a better word, scandal. I mean I spent a good amount of last week going, say what.... and I mean that because how does someone who you grew up with, whom you consider a sister, a part of your family, someone you gave good fortune to betray you, your friendship, your sisterhood, and your family in such a way. I don't care who you are but sleeping with your best friends sister's baby father just isn't cool and doing so for over a month is just so disrespectful. I don't see how you fuck up a 900 million dollar friendship either, I mean come on. All them years of loyalty and this young woman faltered for D she knew to be dirty and a serial cheater type of D, I was shook and didn't even think it was possible. I mean we all knew this girl was Kylie's ride or die, well I guess Kylie thought so. I mean with friends like that, I'll take being the loner I am. It is someone else's life playing out in the public but it shows you that those closest to you tend to be the ones that hurt you the most. I don't live in their houses and I'm not here to judge but the tea this past week was too good! This girl Jordyn lost so much over a mistake that she should have know better but life lessons, they'll get ya every time! She not only lost a best friend, she lost a family she had been apart of so much of her life and losing bonds like that isn't easy to just detach from. She lost a lifestyle in which she was accustomed to and now how does her circle get affected, not to mention her public persona which she in some ways relies on to stay relevant. No matter how you cut it, what she did sucks and she will pay the price with this first real knock the breath outta ya life lesson. This weeks blog might have been a little more of celebrity news but it was more so about life lessons and how hard they sting and there are some life lessons that bring you to a one way ticket to Sad Lonely Town and the only way for some folks to learn is to be stung hard by those reminders of what is right and what is wrong and ultimately the realest truth that, "What you do in the dark always come to light." Take care of each other me peeps, look after those you love better, and just try to do better with each day your given. Life is what you make it, good or bad, ultimately it is what you make it. Stay blessed, hope ya'll back next week. #AlwaysOneLove #ChiNative #ThrowEmCBlog #LifeLessons


Good Day Peeps and Happy Monday? 2/18-2/24  

Hey Hey Hey ya'll. So we are back at this Monday morning and can I just say that even though I am exhausted (long weekend) man I seen something Jlo posted earlier this morning that I wanted to refer to that simply said, "At some point there is no excuse. You either want to do everything it takes to make it happen or you don't." I mean if that isn't some Monday, no an Everyday Motivation type vibe, I don't know what is. It really doesn't matter what your thinking about chasing after or what goals you have in mind the bottom line is there can be no amount of excuses greater than your want to succeed! Everything takes effort and the reality is, you and only you are responsible for how hard you work at chasing the things that matter most to you. I know there are not many variables that one can change, it is a fact each of us as humans will face certain challenges that hurt deeply and some challenges that are life changing but the one thing we can control is how we react and how one continues to strive through adversity and through the muffled sounds of others even outsiders saying to just quit or what your doing is pointless. I say this because I don't want anyone to think I have illusions where I think life is just easy peasy and we will all get what we want, I am very aware that is not the case, but my point is, we are given one life in which to experience all things but the most important lesson in life is to never quit, to never make excuses for why you didn't give it your all, no matter what others think or do - Your effort, Your life, these are all yours to Own. I say this because I want others to know it really truly doesn't matter how long it takes you to achieve whatever goals or dreams you have because they are yours and yours alone and if they drive you and they feed your soul you should never, ever give up on You and who you are. I know many of you are only starting to become aware of both artists I.Deal and Mic Logik but the reality is they have been chasing their music endeavors for a long time. These artists kicked off their first performance of the year at The Throne Room this passed Saturday the 16th and their new set and music material was off the chain, they indeed showed others how you rock a show, then they followed up their Sunday's on opposite sides of town working on two different projects. I.Deal was working on completing his album and Mic Logik was recording another new music video in which he is featured on for "If Justice Were A Lady"  with Green Light Music. I've got two artists still delivering, still showing up and still giving all they can if not even more so now and this is because they have acknowledged no one can out work their own efforts and neither wants to live with regret, neither is willing at this point to quit on themselves and make excuses. No one needs to understand why you do or pursue what you do it only matters that you know why you stay focused, why you keep pushing and so if that means longer nights, time spent alone working on your craft, hours editing, hours recording, hours rehearsing then so be it because the time to go is now, not tomorrow, not next week, not when its the right time. Some may never understand why you pursue what you do, those aren't the people whom you should allow within your company! Those that try to drown you with negativity, those that don't offer or lend support should be left where they feel comfortable, which is, on the outside looking in, judging. Trying to reach the top isn't going to be comfortable, it isn't going to be a road many will choose to continually pound and there of course could be a thousand excuses made as to either why try or why continue but when you want something your either going to make it happen or you don't. Find your support system and build your tribe/team with those that truly support and offer real value to you as a whole person. Start to see those that aren't there to for you and cut them off, hold yourself accountable for your actions daily and always question do your actions benefit your long run? Cut those off that create dead weight, and start to emerge yourself with a solid unit of like minded folks and the possibilities for growth become boundless because you continue to see through eyes of others with like minded visions for success! Nothing is done alone, but effort is up to each individual. I hope you all find your effort, I hope someone reads this and it re-ignites their passion and you move forward towards your aspirations. We at Chi-Native believe its never too late, what ever it is your after - manifest that shit! Stay blessed, keep rocking with us and we are truly humbled that ya'll are catching on and taking notice. #AlwaysStriveForMore #ContinueOnYourPath #NeverLosingSightofYourGoals #TrustYourProcess #InDueTime #DreamsHaveNoDeadlines #Chinative #ThrowEmC


Hello and Good Morning! Big Things Coming-New Week 2/10-2/17 

Hi and shouting good morning to you all this kinda cold morning here in Chicago! I want to first say what a great blessing it has been in regards to the new single that I.Deal has dropped a few weeks ago called "I'm All In" the responses and feedback have been amazing and we as a team couldn't be happier. That said we just finished wrapping shooting the video for I'm All In and it is now in the hands of the production team at Iconiq Entertainment to start doing edit work and we should have a video for you all in about 2 weeks! I gotta mention that it is insane how much works goes into making and shooting a video, when your a Independent artist/label you really do everything yourself. We as a team spent hours prior to filming discussing ideas for the video shoot, the where, the how, the idea for it! Then came the day of the video shoot and I.Deal and myself spent about 5 hours prepping our video location and then it was another 6 hours on set to film the whole video! We finished wrapping the video everyone was tired but then it was clean up time. Let me tell you we were all exhausted and Sunday proved to be a do nothing type of day for the whole team all around. We gotta give a special shout out to all those involved in giving up their time and wanting to be in the music video and I've said this before you can't do anything alone, it truly does take a team of people that believe in you and want to see you succeed, a team of people that really are there for your benefit and give their time just for you to accomplish your dreams/goals, this video shoot took a lot of effort and coordination and we thank each of you: Diana, Rocky, Jiggaman, Martin, Doc Wattson, Fresita, Dequante & friend and Jaime with Iconiq Entertainment. I can't wait for you all to see what we cooked up for you and we all hope you continue to dig what we are bringing to the table. This week is another busy week as I.Deal and MicLogik have their first show of the New Year this Saturday at The Throne Room 2827 N Broadway, Chicago Il this is an 18+ event and we do have discounted tickets available (you can hit us up via DM on IG or Twitter individually @Idealraps @Miclogik @ThrowEmC or via our facebook page @Chi-Native Entertainment or through here at the contact tab) otherwise it is $10.00 at the door for entry. If you have never seen I.Deal or MicLogik perform live I recommend you come out and see how they throw down, I would put money up on the notion that they give one of the best live performances around and I dare anyone to say otherwise. They were working yesterday on their set line up and it is gonna be dope and you are not going to want to miss out on the energy and performance they will bring! They will be rocking the stage this Saturday and then we turn around on Sunday and hit up the studio for a full day of recording! This weekend is gonna be all work for us but we love it, we thrive on it because we're getting shit done and making moves on our own accord! No one has given us anything and we don't expect it, we make moves ourselves, we create music ourselves and we continue to do so because music is what drives each of us and music is our passion. I.Deal and MicLogik have always set out to bring good quality music to the masses and it has been great to pick up steam and see that others are finally catching on and we are creating a noise for ourselves here at Chi-Native. We are blessed and humbled that some of you choose to subscribe, choose to proudly rock and wear our apparel we launched last September and those that choose to bump our music and introduce it to others around you! That kind of love and support is priceless and we recognize you all and we as a team say, "Thank you and we Love YA!" Got so much to continue to work on this week and we hope to see some you all this Saturday at The Throne Room for I.Deal's and MicLogik's 1st live show of the New Year! This weeks blog was a recap of last week and a little insight into our crazy upcoming week, stay tuned and as always: #StayFocused #LetNoOneTellYou #YouCant #KeepStriving #ChiNative #MakingMoves #WeWorking


Weather on the Up and Up - Happy Monday Peep or is it? 2/4-210 

Hello and good afternoon my darlings! So many of you have heard or even experienced the record breaking cold temperatures we experienced here in the mid-west last week seeing low's at -35 degrees, that's insanity! It was so cold that all of my household had off from work and school over the course of two days because the weather was just down right nasty and disrespectful! That said it was quite nice to have a few days to just lounge around and stay cozy inside with the family. I often thought of so many that needed or sought shelter during those very cold days and I prayed for a few folks I know that live in older homes that their heaters kept up with the demands of such brutal cold weather. It is crazy though how resilient of a people us mid-west folks are, rain,sleet, snow, even frigid temperatures didn't stop too many folks from venturing out over the course of those two cold days. Moving on from that, that Super Bowl thing happened and I must say it didn't interest me too much, I watched the intro and then the half time performance with a glance. I gotta say none of it did anything for me and the game itself was boring and to be honest I just knew that damn Tom Brady was gonna win regardless, lol! I enjoyed the comforts of my room and watched a new Netflix series which I'm just gonna put out there I have watched several series over the last few weeks and it has been a life saver for my hour cardio sessions! Commercials no big surprises either there and it is rather funny that most of the commercials are released as early as a week before the Super Bowl one would think all that advertising money spent and excitement over an ad would premiere on the actual Super Bowl but whatever I guess. The only commercial that I know everyone talked about the most was the Pepsi one but I have never been a fan of Pepsi, something about its taste I don't like and not to mention I always get an upset stomach from drinking Pepsi so again no major consumer changes are gonna happen for me because of their ad,so again its whatever. It turned out to be one of the most snooze worthy Super Bowl's and not just from my point of view but it appears that is the consensus throughout social media today. Now that football is over I am more than ready for my beloved Chicago Cubs and baseball!!! Let's go baseball season, who else is just as ready??!!!! We have been talking, tweeting, re-posting the links for the first single "I'm All In" off of I.Deal's upcoming album #GAINZ and we will be shooting the video for the single this Saturday 2/9 and if you haven't caught wind we are looking for any individuals interested in being apart of the video to hit us up and come hang out on location this Saturday. You can hit us up via DM through Twitter or Instagram @Idealraps @MicLogik or myself @ThrowEmC for location and time! We are all looking forward to this video production and working with Iconiq Entertainment can't wait to see how this will all come together this weekend. I know we will be on set for several hours but when the final edits and vision come together it's gonna be dope! That's all I have this week folks, please any type of input, questions, relationship inquires send me a message, I am all ears and always interested in hearing from you guys, ya just never know I might be able to offer some good insight or at minimal pass along some knowledge! I pray each of you reading this blog continues to know you are loved, you are cared for and you are most certainly needed and that you continue to focus, work hard and reach for those dreams regardless of what others deem is possible! #OneLove #SuperBowlAfterMath #VIdeoShoot #StrivingForMore #ChiNative

Happy Good Monday Folks 1/28-2/3 

Hello there you guys, writing to you all from a blizzard engulfed city, in the good Ol' Midwest, Chicago, Il. Oh my gosh were do we go this week and what should we discuss? Ummm, first this snow, like whoa, I could defintely do with out and I know I'm not the only one, kinda feel like it's come a little later than it should be, but in a day or two it's expected to get seriously cold so I guess i'll take the snow. All things forward, the music, I.Deal was scheduled to be in the recording studio this weekend but it appears that the studio will not be ready in time for his recording session so he won't be able to knock out the last few songs he needed to record this upcoming weekend. We are awaiting to hear back from our producer on the new date to finish the album "GAINZ". Not to worry folks I.Deal assured me the album will be finished sometime this February and when it is complete you all are gonna know it was worth the wait. As many of you may know by now I.Deal dropped his first solo called "I'm All In" a little over a week ago and the response has been amazing, it appears you guys are rocking with it and we couldn't be happier. The sound, the style came together nicely on this track and we are currently working on getting the video together for you guys, we met up with the videographer at Iconiq Entertainment yesterday at our desired shoot location and went over video ideas. Spent a good amount of the afternoon getting set ideas and the story line together for the video, I can't wait, it will be dope to see the finished product come together. We start shooting next weekend for the video so stay tuned and most likely we will go live for a while on IG. We will be dropping a new hoodie design for both men and women to co-inside with the video shoot in 13 days, we are just awaiting the final approval for the new image we decided to change and we should have final images ready and will launch an exclusive pre-order only for the new hoodies. Also again, thank you to all of you who have purchased some of our clothing apparel items over in our store section or through us directly! We can't thank you all enough! We are working hard to bring more video content to you all and the response to I.Deal's first single has only given him more proof that what he has been working on is guaranteed heat. I.Deal and Mic Logik have been submitted for several music festivals and lets not forget they will be back at it live performing their first set into the 2019 year on February 16th at the Throne Room in Chicago, it will be an 18+ event and doors will open at 8pm. Tixs are $10 at the door but for anyone attending that may want to pre-purchase tickets in advance for a discount you may hit us up directly through our DM on IG at any of the following: @Idealraps @MicLogik or myself @ThrowEmC and we'll take care of ya! Quickly want to throw in a small side note as I end this relatively quick blog this week. Thank you for sticking around with us and checking in, just a reminder during this frigid cold season make sure to check on your neighbors, young, old, and in-between. We must be our own light shedding brightness to others in these times. Lets work together and try our best to spread light and positivity to those around us! Its always mad love and appreciation to you all! Sending out light, love and peace vibes to you all! #StayWarm #HappyMonday #VideoComingSoon


Oh Tuesday - New week - A day late 1/21-1/27 

My dear follows, readers and the in between my apologies to you all as my normal Monday blog did not happen yesterday and that was due in part to my severe cold and all I could do was lay in bed fighting it all Monday.  I slept most of the day away and then mustered enough strength to get to the gym so I could sweat that ish out and I swear that is the most effective way to handle a cold because today I feel great! I realized as I was looking at the calendar to set my dates for this blog post that wow we are already into the fourth week into January, I mean what the hell and how did that happen so fast? Time keeps moving past us and I want to reflect for a moment on that sentiment that everyone feels and speaks on, on New Years Eve. That sentiment that this is the year, that this is going to be the year things finally change or this is the year you'll accomplish those goals you've had. Here we are 3 weeks already into the New Year and how is that sentiment feeling right now? Have you started, have you set your vision, have you initiated any different changes to start off on a different foot this year, not next year? It all seems so easy to say the new year brings a new start but the reality is if that truly was the case so many of us would be in different places in our lives, smiling a little more, at ease a little more. I say that because any one at ease with themselves and truly living within their purpose, whether living their truths, chasing their dreams is genuinely a happier person. I have been so busy trying to keep up with my to do list but it does not bother me, I am fully aware that I have to keep things moving, I have to get up and move toward my goals, I have to make changes where I have seen things stay stagnant in the past. Learning and growing has to be something one's self has to see and acknowledge so that those changes that are necessary are made. You see there is no such thing as motivation from others, it is not until your own internal "self" acknowledges that it wants change that a shift starts and in turn you start to see your goals become reality. It really has nothing to do with a new year, a self help group, or an empowerment group, nothing through those sources changes your variables and outcomes unless you yourself want change and gets up and ignites those changes daily to see your goal come to light and it doesn't matter what you apply that to. It could be from a healthier lifestyle, more fitness goals, a new job, moving to a new city, changing careers, or chasing what others say are unrealistic dreams. I hope you get where I am going with this. None of us needed or need a New Year to think all things are going to get better and change for the better. Many don't need a group of people, a lecture or a class, or approval from others to get up and start doing, what we need is for ourselves to simply start and "DO"! So as this year of 2019 is fully under way I hope that your still not waiting for some things to change, I hope your up daily activating whatever changes need to take place in order for those goals to become a reality. It didn't ever start with a New Year it starts with a new you aware of what you want and aware of knowing you can start the progression toward change to see your wants become true. The New Year is here already so get moving, this is your year right? Time to get to work! Have a blessed week you all, may you all realize your strengths and get up and "DO" everyday! xoxo #TuesdayVibes #SorryDayLate #NewYear #NewYou? #Chi-Native


Relationships & Do Some of Us Ever Stop Playing! Week 1/14-1/20 

Hello my fellow readers and loves, Happy Monday or is it? How cruel is it one minute we are rejoicing in the beginning of our weekend vibes and next thing we know that damn alarm clock is going off at 6am and first thing I think is Fuckkkkk, lol. Anyhow last week I had the pleasure of having dinner with an old friend and catching up the best way we know how over food and drinks and we dive right into relationships and what he has been up to and is he involved at the moment. Ok, well I took it there and it was funny because his response was like gosh it's complicated. Now me being me said how is it complicated it's either a yes or no answer. I feel I must interlude here that he is a male over 30 years old (he may or may not be older, but I'll never tell) and has said he wants marriage before his 40's and the clock is ticking, so when he starts off the conversation with it's complicated, I just don't understand at this age how we complicate anything. At this point we are all suppose to be fully functioning adults capable of expressing how we feel and knowing exactly what we want not only for ourselves but out of our relationships or lack thereof. So hence his story begins that he met this person while out at a bar and that this person's background doesn't necessarily fit into his wants category. So I'm like explain and he proceeds to tell me a) this person is on a temporary visa b) they drive a car for a living and that isn't gonna cut it because it's not a genuine career c) she currently without a home. Now me, I'm like I know you and none of that fits into your acceptable criteria so why did you even engage in discovering and learning more about this person and now making this into a "It's complicated" scenario. This is where it gets good, he tells me not too long after they met that she calls him and states that her apartment had been robbed and everything was gone so they meet up to talk and this person ended up staying the night and every night thereafter and he isn't pleased about it. I asked well why did she never leave, why did you allow this person to stay every night and he says what was I suppose to do because one night I didn't come home til the early morning hours (he has not given a key to her and she is only allowed in the home when he is home) and I see her car parked in front of my home and there she is sleeping in her car. He further explains on a separate occasion he came home early and looked out his window and she was parked out front of his house and he calls her and she states she is just driving around so when he goes back to the window to check her car she had drove off. He states he told her she needed to get her own place and move on but all throughout dinner his phone is going off he is taking screen shots of the menu at the place we are at and all I could think was your not even giving her the right signals. He proceeds to tell me all the warning signs he is seeing but he just feels trapped at the moment and that she allegedly found an apartment and move in day is the 15th and he is relieved because he doesn't know how much longer he can tolerate the situation. Stalker vibes by her much? I definitely feel them, damsel in distress who needs saving vibes, mmm hmm I definitely feel them as well, but here's the thing - he allowed her to latch on to him and feel sorry for her and he invited her into his home and allowed them to play house (even if she doesn't have a key) and him texting her throughout dinner and asking what she wants to eat is also for sure a signal "Don't worry I got you". All while he is talking about all the craziness in his life and proceeds to tell me I need to get married that's my goal within the next three years but wait your now in a situation and are playing at a relationship and your feeling trapped. Moving onto my real question here, do some of us ever stop playing games and really see why or how or relationships don't pan out or why we aren't finding "love"? I don't think he has responded the way he should have so that this person didn't feel like he was her savior, I proceeded to tell him that he could have a stalker on his hands and that again would also be his fault, and finally to talk about wanting marriage but how he isn't even close to settling down with someone you can claim you fully love and has your heart. I have known my friend a long time and although he may speak of wanting marriage and love he often doesn't seem to put his best effort forward and I often feel he likes to compete with his partners in regards to what can they do for me, hence he is still unmarried and single (ok maybe not single according to her, lol). Relationships shouldn't be this complicated, should they? You either want one or you don't, and if your dealing with someone who won't fit into your life or lifestyle then it should be up to you to walk away.  I also believe that you don't have to save anyone from themselves nor should you ever feel trapped especially in your own home. I believe relationships take some simple factors to working 1) open communication no matter how hard the conversation may be at times 2) two people that have the same goals and vision for what a relationship should be 3) most importantly 2 people that want the relationship to work and put the effort into it even when it's not that easy to do so because we all get tired, we all feel trapped every so often but we are where we want to be so it takes two people to work at it. I never know what I will discuss from week to week but out of all my interactions last week this conversation stood out the most, if we are not firm on our wants and expectations from the start no matter the situation than we can not expect more than below average tangible results.  In ending, be firm in your wants, be real about your expectations and let go of all things not in line with you and your vision and most importantly "Don't Fool Yourself"!  This week will be filled with video concept meetings, completion of several music festival submissions and I.Deal will be dropping his 1st single of his upcoming album #GAINZ the song titled "I'm All In" any day now! See ya'll next week, we got lots of work to do, lego! #ChiNative #DontFoolYourself #TillNextWeek #BlogEveryMonday #ThrowEmC