How's it been hanging? (4/27-5/3)

Hello my fellow friends how the heck have you all been? It has been about a month since I last wrote a blog and what I will say is it has been hard to want to write something since we have all been in isolation and really though not much has been popping off. I was off of work for about 12 days and I literally had no motivation to do much most of those days. I woke up when I wanted, maybe ate something right away then if I felt like a nap, I did. I would workout whenever I finally got around to it and most days it wouldn't even be until later in the evening which is so unlike me, I tend to like to get it done first thing in my day, but while at home it was like, schedule, what schedule? I will start this off by saying I know a lot of people are struggling at the moment due to Covid-19 and many are without work and an income, I continue to pray for us all that we come out of this all ok and sooner rather than later. Now that I have said that, I want to get into the things that are really driving me insane as of late. First off all the folks crying about needing their hair salon/barber, folks the last thing anyone needs to worry about is their hair and what it looks like at this time. Let's be honest, we have another month of stay at home orders so where exactly are you going to go that requires you to look prim and proper? I too am missing my nail tech because honey these nubs I now am rocking are not it, but I know what matters is the safety of not only myself but others I am around/live with, so in the grand scheme of things I will just have to deal with these damn nubs until I can safely return to my nail salon. I know we're all looking a little rough at the moment but I'll take healthy any day over just having my hair and nails done considering the current state of things especially as reports as of Tuesday stated we have reached over 1 million confirmed Covid-19 cases withing the United States. It is such a weird time for us all, but we must consider the most important factor here and that is to stay at home and stop the damn spread of Covid-19. Moving right along into my rant what is also bothering has to be all the parents complaining about school not being in session and being upset that they have to continue education at home through e schooling. Now let me be clear, I know schooling/education at home is not fun and at times challenging but it is a necessary part of the job you sign up for when you elect to become a parent whether you want to realize that or not the moment that baby is placed in your arms. I know how difficult it can be, I've been there, I had to be an active parent for my son during his formative years and we both lucky we survived considering there were many tears for both of us during those early formative learning years. Here's what I mean, I often would tell people it was like I went back to school as well and repeated grade school and secondary school. I am often perplexed at parents that don't understand that a school does not provide all the education, they are simply a tool and education must continue at home. I had to read text books to help with homework, I had to review material with my son to have him learn how to study and get ready for test. Do you know how many books I had to read over the course of several years in order to help him with book reports to make sure he actually read the book and formulated his own logic on what he read. I had to help him formulate an intro, a body and draw a conclusion for said book reports. Let me tell you, after working a full time job and shuffling him to and from whatever I had him involved in at the time was not fun, it was time consuming, it was hard, some days we were up till midnight getting things done, but it was my job. I decided to have a child and I knew what he would become, how intelligent (meaning how he learned and not allowing him to fail and fall through any educational gaps) and capable (problem solving, self esteem, self assurance) he would become would be a direct reflection of how much effort I gave him. This time right now is not about you and your hardships in being a parent its realizing you have to be selfless and give all that you can while they are young and within your care.  It is such bullshit to see and hear parents say they didn't sign up for this, or to say they don't get paid for schooling their kids and to that I can say those that have died due to Covid-19 didn't sign up to die either, they were simply exposed and couldn't survive the exposure. People are always talking about children being such a blessing well if you truly believe that then you shouldn't be complaining about getting all this extra time in with them because they will not stay small forever, they will not need you forever, there will come a time when they walk away and lead their own life and for some time you the parent will be on the back burner. I also want to rant a little about how many complain about feeding their kids, or kids asking for snacks, um who else has been feeding or providing snacks for your kids all these years? People need to wake the fuck up, you make them and birth them, they are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and if you don't want that responsibility have one and stop because I've said it before, birth control works and is effective and am I not simply talking about prescribed birth control since there are many forms of over the counter birth control that do work you just have to be a RESPONSIBLE ADULT and unwanted pregnancies can be stopped. Children can not be well adjusted, problem solvers, thinkers, capable, functioning adults if love, attention and most importantly a parents time and availability isn't given. Stop complaining about the job you inevitably signed up for and give all you got, your greatest joy in your life should be your legacy you leave behind and that legacy will always be the children in which you made as they carry you inside of them because they came from you. I am wrapping up my rant as of now but lets remember this time folks, I hope you've learned some valuable things during this down time/stay at home order. I hope you've realized how precious life is as so many have lost their lives over the last few months and continue to do so daily from this ugly pathogen.  Perhaps you have realized how important contact is with those we love as many have had to isolate themselves away from their older loved ones and those that may have auto immune issues in order to protect them from exposure. To all the new mother's having to give birth in isolation during such alarming times and to all the family members that have to wait to meet their newest arrivals to the family, I see you and I understand the uncertainty of it all, I wish you only the best and may and your newest bundles of joy stay safe. I hope you've realized how invaluable time is as we've spent more time inside at home with our family's and children in view of the fact we would not have had this much time together since Covid-19 halted our daily grind, hopefully you have reconnected and learned something new about your little ones/middle aged ones/or teenagers. I hope you see how important our health care workers are and how relevant they are to our overall healthcare structure and that they truly are at the front lines doing their damn best to aid all those that are sick and doing so selflessly because they have an urgency to provide top notch care to you or your loved ones. I hope some of you that have hatred and ignorance in your heart toward minorities/immigrants now truly understand those same people you have tried to ostracize are the same one still out there working the fields supplying your local grocery stores with stocked shelves of veggies and fruits that you so effortlessly place at home in your fridge or on your table. To those that look down on those that are servers, or those that work at grocery stores, may you now know you are no better and that they are the reason your family is still able to have cooked hot meals at home because they get up and show up to work everyday even through this pandemic putting themselves and their own families at risk. I will leave you all with this, live a life that would make your children proud to know you, live a life where you know you made a bigger impact for the greater good, live a life leading with a pure heart and good intentions because we only get one go around and where we end up in the after life should really matter to you because karma is real and you don't want to end up reincarnated as a fly eating and sitting atop a mound of horse shit. Till next week, stay home, stay safe & be the good the world so desperately needs. #ChiNative #MyBlogs #ThrowEmC #NewBlog #Covid19 #HowYouHoldingUp #Rants #EducationStartsAndEndsAtHome #PSA

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