Is it Spring yet? (2/24 - 3/1)

Howdy folks and thank you for coming back and I know I should have dropped a new blog for you all last week but truth be told a lot of times I discuss whats going on the radio show and if not there I may discuss them on one or more of my social media accounts so then it becomes do I want to sound like a repeat record? I also had a busy week last week as well as we had several business meetings during the week that lead to more late nights than usual and those in turn lead to real rough mornings the following day. Absolutely no complaints here, I am rather excited for where we are heading and how things have progressed so far as a unit. Moving right along, I wanted to re-discuss this whole coronavirus because at its original mention many downplayed how bad this really was and now it seems it may not be as little as it has been downplayed because reports are now coming out that we are indeed headed for an outbreak here within the United States and maybe our governments aren't really here for our best interest because initially China downplayed the severity and the US did not mention it to much as well.  I say that because now the WHO (World Health Organization) issued a warning earlier in the week declaring it a global health emergency and still there was silence within the United States media but then the CDC confirmed the concerns of the WHO by stating it isn't a matter of when it will hit the US it is a matter of how bad it will be and that every American should prepare for what's coming and that it will disrupt our daily lives. Someone that I follow had started posting images and reports out of various places like China, Korea, Italy, and Russia of the seriousness of the situation. There are grocery stores completely emptied in various parts of Italy and now Iran also has more than 80 cases reported that we know of. In Wuhan, China they have started to deadbolt residents in their homes but you won't find those videos on the internet although they have already been circulated on the internet through various social media outlets such as IG, Snap, and Twitter. I have seen multiple footage of residents in Wuhan trying to open their front doors only to find they have been dead bolted shut with maybe a 3-4 inch window to see outside their door. It has also now been reported that one of the cruise ships that had been docked out at sea during the initial outbreak didn't have the correct testing kits and did not accurately detect over 20% of their passengers that were indeed infected. We are also being told now that many cities and other countries don't even have the proper testing kits. I also mentioned on the radio show that United Airlines has cancelled so many flights due to current situation that they are unable to predict their 2020 revenue because of the uncertainty that lies ahead. So here we are, we are now being told this is way more serious than we know and have been lead to believe and now I ask are you prepared? I can tell you my family and I are not and what I can say is that we do need to prepare a little more for the worst possible outcome because if you stay prepared you don't gotta get prepared. I will be heading out today and stocking up on water and non perishable foods as best that I can and it is recommended to have at least (1) gallon of water a day per person. I follow a particular account on IG and they had posted their purchases from a company called My Patriot Supply and they offer various food supply packages and other survival products but as of this morning if you go on their website they are now stating they have had an uptick in demand and some orders may take up to (4) weeks to deliver. I was browsing their website and under their survival kits they had a "Ultimate Preparedness Kit" for $599.00 and it is sold out, kinda crazy to think some folks have already wiped out that particular product from their inventory. I know many people want to believe this situation is not something to worry about but then again ask a Native American if you think you should trust your government to do whats best for you and tell you the truths and we all already know the answer to that with their mass genocide and the whole stealing their homeland situation. I want to say let's hope it's like a bad storm we are suppose to get but by luck it bypasses us and we don't end up with the storm at all, but this is a huge world filled with so many people and what we do know is that it is highly contagious and we also know now is many people went undiagnosed in the very beginning that may have unknowingly spread the virus. I also want to take a moment to talk about the kids, those in school, colleges, day cares please ladies and gentlemen that are caretakers/parents. If your child is starting to show signs of illness don't just give these kids some elderberry syrup, take your children to the doctor for proper diagnosis and care so that we don't have to see or hear of anyone's loved ones suffering because we as parents didn't take the pre-cautions we needed to ensure their overall well being because we think we ourselves are doctors and stop listening to your mommy groups that are not doctors as well, modern medicine is needed to fight more than the common cold. I will hope for the best outcome for all of us in the world and I pray that this too shall pass. Till next week please take care of yourself, your family, practice good hygiene, make sure we keep our hands out of your ears, nose, mouths and wash or hand sanitize your hands frequently and if your feeling off and don't think its your common cold seek medical attention because we all matter and our loved ones still need us. #ChiNative #MyBlog #ThrowEmC #HowAreYouFeeling #AreYouPrepared #Coronavirus #WaterSupply #FoodSupply # AreYouConcerned 

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