Tuesday - The most boring day of the week. (1/13-1/19)

Hola mi gente,

     So here is Tuesday and by the way what is Tuesday's purpose in our lives, it is a whatever type of day, too close to Monday and too far from Friday, am I right? Anyhow, I hope you all are doing well and return to this work week refreshed from all your weekend activities and hopefully had more good times than not so good times. As always this blog is to reflect what's on my brain at a particular moment in time and this week there is something I want to discuss and it stems from instances where women have said to me, "I'm too old, I don't want my face in pictures." The first time it happened I was at a media event and someone asked me and this women to take a picture, but she declined. Now at the time,  I shook it off and thought to myself well maybe this person is particularly sensitive about aging as I am aware it does bother some people more than others. I go on with the night, so fast forward about 2 more months I'm at another event and a women asks me to take a picture and she is doing it for her social media platform and I'm there with my team and I oblige no big deal. Someone on my team turns to me and says they would like a picture with this women as well and I turn to ask her if she could take a picture with the team and she says to me, "Oh no, I don't like my face in photos, I'm too old for it." I'm puzzled because now in the span of two months I've been told by two different women in a business environment they don't like their face on camera because they have deemed themselves too old. Saying out loud to someone, I'm too old, I don't like my face, and no one wants to see me in these photos is so sad to me, sad for anyone to diminish themselves based on the idea of their age in numbers. I gotta let everyone know right now, neither woman were hard to look at, both fit, both gorgeous hair, very well put together, great smiles, I mean I just didn't and don't get what the issue was. Everyone knows them, they are regulars in the music scene and for them to say they can't turn the camera around on themselves because no one wants to see an old lady is crazy to me. I want to know who told them there was an expiration date to being in any one industry, who told them they shouldn't show their face because they aren't in their 30's, or 40's. Why do we allow outside voices or opinions of others to alter what and how we feel about oneself? I also want to mention I had seen probably about a year ago someone go after Trina on social media talking about she is too old to do music and when is she just going to leave and keep it to the younger ladies. These trolls are just funny, not only do most of them just sit behind a computer or phone screen in a dirty ass home with absolutely nothing going on in their lives, most of them wish for a fraction of not only her notoriety but also her monetary wealth. It baffles me that we as a society want to be all inclusive and don't want to bully each other and blah blah blah but we're still out here telling women when their time is up and to turn the camera's off. I mean why would both these women feel this way, again they are well known in the music scene here in Chicago so they are seen and quite often. In addition, I have also been told by an associate that they are in awe of how comfortable I am in front of the camera and how do I do it. Let me be the first to say I don't put myself out there to the world on my social media because I adore it, I do it so you all know this is me, I am a real person and to identify with me, I don't try to hide behind any facade. I don't particularly give any attention or thought to my age, but I never have either, the only thing I know for sure is I wake up every day thankful, thankful I get to see another day and thankful I am still here with a voice and in good health, my age doesn't ever cross my mind. I want to know why some think that there is a time clock to what a women should or should not do, how she should dress or not dress, what she should look like or not look like and matter of fact when her allure is no longer their definition of good looking! I am aware especially in the media that ageism is a thing but isn't it ironic that the ones that are "hot" now won't be in say 15 years? I mean they won't have that "it" factor as they do in the now but one thing for sure is, we all will age, we all will lose that "youthful" glow but that is a reflection that we have been living our lives and is that not the point? We are dying from the minute we are born, we age at such an astounding rate from infancy through adolescence and some may think of themselves as youthful but the reality is every dawn we wake some of our youth has slipped away while we slept. I say this though, what is most important is that we arise to see another dawn, another day to share in all the joys that life can offer , another day in which to create memories with those that matter most to us. To anyone out there worrying about what they look like, if their too old, to this, to that, stop and just be, because all we really know for sure is we got right now! Till next week my sweets, be kinder to yourself, to others, walk in the light, stop and smell the roses, do whatever makes your soul smile because happy looks the healthiest. #TillNextTime #Smile #SayCheese #LiveItUp #MyBlog #ThrowEmC 


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